2020 IBJJF Pans Brown Belt Ultimate Results

Brown belt pans is the brown belt worlds of this Gi season. Since the pandemic hit, most athletes have been out of competition, although some have been quite active. The IBJJF Pans have arrived quickly, and it’s an opportunity to see how athletes have kept their training schedule through the pandemic. In this post we will do a recap of the 2020 IBJJF Pans Brown Belt results.

Everybody knows that the brown belts of today are a heartbeat away from going against today’s black belts. So we should pay special attention to each division to see who comes out on top, as they’ll probably get promoted soon (if they haven’t been already). The event went down from Oct. 8 through Oct. 11, with some amazing brown belt matches on Oct. 9.

Athletes came in with a bang, despite the wait. There were amazing stories, like Tainan Dalpra’s promotion at the podium of the middleweight division. Or Andy Murasaki winning weight and open class as a lightweight. Also, Legion Jiu Jitsu’s (Keenan Cornelius’s newly formed team) getting its breakout party.


Most notable results were mentioned above, but there were other standout athletes who came to 2020 Pans with guns blazing. This section will cover the results from every weight division and a quick recap of the finals. If you want to see our predictions from black belt brackets, follow links: heavy, middle or lighter divisions.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Roosterweight

Frank Cespedes from Alliance tore through the roosterweight division, submitting two out of three opponents. He won the other match by 25-2 spamming submission attempts. His final match against Darryl Lebus was a piece of art. He came up from double pull and his opponent spun under for a crab ride. Lebus then attacked with a beautiful kneebar from bottom, but Cespedes was unfazed. He defended by locking his feet and entering 50/50.

That’s when the magic appeared. Cespedes unlocked the 50/50 and came out on top. Lebus went for a crab ride by pummeling his inside leg behind Cespedes’s front leg and inverting to insert the crab ride hook. Cespedes fell and his opponent was on the verge of taking the back. Cespedes defended by going to the reverse half guard and pulling his feet out to almost pass the guard. Once free, Cespedes used a beautiful staple on the bottom leg to go for a leg drag on the opposite leg, take the back and submit. If you can, you should watch this match — it was amazing and action packed.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Light-Featherweight

This bracket was extremely competitive. Keven Carrasco from Ares BJJ came out on top, but it was not due to his own merits, so to speak. His opponent, Jordan Vaisman won the actual match. But in an incredible turn of events, Vaisman jumped up and ran off the mat to celebrate with his coach, Vinicius ‘Draculino’ Magalhaes. This prompted the referee to give a penalty point to Vaisman, who already had two and gave his opponent the win by two points.

If you ask me, this is incredibly unfair. The guy didn’t even run toward his corner or do anything that could affect his opponent or his opponent’s corner. Bad call. I understand you have to follow the rules, but I think it would have been better for the referee to declare him the winner, pull him aside and let him know that the next time he will be subject to a penalty.

Carrasco was declared the winner, but in fact lost the match. It was extremely close, but Vaisman dominated the tactical battle and deserved the win. Read this post from his coach, Draculino, talking about it.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Featherweight

Another bracket with a strange ending, but in this case I agree with the referee. Daniel Maira from Alliance Marcelo Garcia tore through his division on his way to the finals, submitting two opponents. In the finals, he was paired against Daniel Aquino from Checkmat. The two went back and forth and made it through to the final minutes of the match with Maira losing 4-2, with three penalties each.

Maira played bottom 50/50 and pummeled his leg behind his opponent’s knee to go for the back. Aquino quickly stood and pushed towards the boundary in an attempt to earn a reset for going out of bounds with no clear position established. This would give Maira an advantage, and Aquino would go on to win the match. But he seemed to forget that if your opponent makes an effort to bring you back to the mat, it’s considered fleeing. He was given a penalty and handed a DQ loss.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Lightweight

Not much to explain here. Andy Murasaki dominated this division and won four matches and submitted every single one of them en route to gold. He was crowned the lightweight champion and open weight champion. Look out for this beast, he will probably go for the black belt divisions soon.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Middleweight

With a total mat time of six minutes and six seconds, Tainan Dalpra made this division look easy on his way to a gold medal. He submitted all of his opponents and seemed flawless in the process. Dalpra used his strong De La Riva from bottom and leg drag passing from top to soar through his opponents’ defenses, and made them seem unable to get anything going. He was promoted to black belt on the podium by his coach, Guilherme Mendes.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Medium-Heavyweight

This division saw Sebastian Rodriguez from Unity Jiu-Jitsu win gold. He won four matches, beating Aaron Colter, Matheus Alves, Gabriel Castro and Xavier Silva. He also won three of his matches via points and submitted Silva on the finals. The Costa Rica native is for sure someone to keep an eye out for at this weight, so expect to hear more from him.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Heavyweight

This was Giancarlo Bodoni’s division. He won three matches via submission and went toe to toe with Adam Bradley from Atos in the finals. The Lucas Lepri protege also came out strong on the division and has put his name out there for everyone to see. A well-known technician, he put that on display by earning gold in a very tough heavyweight division. He also placed third in the absolute bracket. We’ll see what the future holds for Mr. Bodoni.

Male Brown Belt Super-Heavyweight

Three matches were all it took for Mason Fowler to win his division. He submitted all of his opponents and showcased why he’s been featured so often lately on our page, because he is legit. After an 18-month hiatus out of the Gi, he came back strong and won the Super-heavy division, also taking silver at the absolute. The Caio Terra student has been beating black belts left and right and is now a strong candidate for his black belt.

Male Brown Ultra-Heavyweight

This was somewhat of a typical ultra-heavyweight bracket, so no in depth IBJJF Pans brown belt results breakdown here. Most matches were points and showed both athletes disputing top position. Austin Baker from Gracie Barra came out on top, winning two by points and one by submission.

Male Brown Belt Pans Results – Absolute Division

If you like David vs Goliath type stories, then you’ll love this one. Andy Murasaki, the Atos Jiu Jitsu representative, cruised through his weight class and the absolute to become a double gold Pan Champion. Murasaki is a lightweight, so this is no small feat. He beat Austin Caine, Renan Cruz and Mason Fowler en route to gold.

His match with Fowler was one for the ages. In my personal (and way lesser skilled) opinion, Fowler made a tactical mistake by pulling half guard, and Murasaki was quick to take advantage. Then, he seemed to act like a brick wall judging by his opponents faces under a heavy crossface. He passed the guard multiple times and ended up 12-2 on points. An incredible run for the Atos representative, who’s definitely closing in on his black belt.

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