2020 IBJJF Worlds Announced for Masters Divisions

It seems like IBJJF events are on a roll despite the pandemic. Another huge event is on its way, the IBJJF Master Worlds, which will take place Dec. 14-20, at the Silver Spurs Arena in Orlando, Fla. Master Worlds is usually one of the most watched events of the year, so it’ll be interesting to see how the pandemic affects the event.

Master Worlds isn’t the IBJJF adult divisions, but they are thrilling to watch. Most of the Old Guard comes back and gives us some amazing shows. This tournament is the best of both worlds for spectators. Competitors aren’t as pressured, so they generally interact more with the spectators. It’s much more relaxed and friendly.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions are still on, so there won’t be many Brazilians traveling to the US to compete. However, some high-caliber athletes have already signed up.

What About Adult Worlds and Knee Reaping?

With Master Worlds announced, there’s speculation that maybe Adult Worlds could also be on track. The IBJJF hasn’t confirmed the most anticipated event of the year, but did say they are trying to make it happen. They posted an article on their ‘Important News’ segment explaining the situation. The IBJJF says they are waiting on travel restrictions to be lifted before a decision is made.

IBJJF anticipates that on Nov. 10, they’ll make a decision. Travel restrictions don’t seem to be going away, so it is unlikely they will be lifted in time for the IBJJF to pull off the 2020 IBJJF Worlds this year. If it was confirmed, they would take place on the same dates as Master Worlds.

Knee reaping and heel hooks will be legal on IBJJF No Gi competitions starting Jan. 1, 2021. This is a major change that GI co-editor Josh Clopton already covered on his post about heel hooks in the IBJJF ‘tatami’.

The 2020 IBJJF Master Worlds Tournament

Registrations are already flooding in for the Worlds. There will be a change of guard, since no black belt Master 1 champion is returning this year. This is to be expected though, since most masters champions are from Brazil. Even though the registration period has just started, returning champions will be scarce.

Regardless, some powerhouse athletes have registered. Female athletes like Heather Raftery and Talita ‘Treta’ Nogueira have signed up for their divisions. In the male divisions, monsters like Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu and Joao Assis have stepped up to the challenge. ‘Cyborg’ Abreu has been on a tear this year, so this will be amazing to watch.

Expect more information within the next days. If you have an athlete you want us to cover, or we left out a competitor, let us know by clicking here. Which athletes do you want to see at this tournament? I like watching ‘Xande’ Ribeiro and Wellington ‘Megaton’ Dias compete, so those are my top picks.

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