2022 IBJJF no-gi Pans recap and black belt results

The 2022 IBJJF no-gi Pans took place over the weekend, live from Garland, TX.

The tournament served as a showcase for many up-and-coming talents, as a number of new champions were crowned.

In brown belt action, Pedigo Submission Fighting’s Jacob “The Hillbilly Hammer” Couch enjoyed perhaps the best tournament performance of his still-young career, taking home gold in the heavy and absolute divisions. His most notable win of the weekend came in the semifinals of the absolute division when he needed just about one minute to submit recent ADCC competitor and New Wave BJJ representative Luke Griffith.

The 23-year old burst onto the scene last year with wins over elite black belts Roberto Jimenez and William Tackett, and followed that success up this year with a gold medal performance at the ADCC Open and, in his most recent Who’s Number One appearance, a victory over Jay Rodriguez.

With his performance at no-gi Pans and his current resume, it’s hard to argue that Couch isn’t the best brown belt no-gi grappler in the world.

On the women’s side, Medusa champion Sophia Cassella picked up gold in the featherweight division, further establishing her as one of the best brown belts in the sport and a name to watch in the near future as she competes more consistently at an elite level.

The black belt divisions saw brothers Gavin and Deandre Corbe winning their respective feather and lightweight divisions, with each earning impressive victories along the way. Gavin showed off impenetrable leg lock defense in the featherweight final against dangerous submission specialist Adam Benayoun, while his brother Deandre showed off a similar skill set against Kieran Kichuk in the final of the lightweight bracket.

In women’s black belt action, Dream Art’s Anna Rodrigues continued her run of dominance, this time moving up to compete in the lightweight division to capture her first no-gi Pans title to add to her two Pans gi gold medals.

Also, Elisabeth Clay bounced back from a disappointing performance at the ADCC World Championships to earn no-gi Pans double gold for the second year in a row.

View the full black belt results from the 2022 IBJJF no-gi Pans below. View full results from every division here.

Adult Male Black Belt Results


  1. Osamah Ali Almarwai
  2. Henrique de Oliveira Rossi
  3. Antonio J. B. Villiatora
  4. Christopher Dayquan Tran


  1. Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira
  2. Hiago George
  3. David Terao
  4. Pedro Serrano


  1. Gavin Corbe
  2. Adam Benayoun
  3. Gianni Grippo
  4. Richar Nogueira


  1. Deandre Corbe
  2. Kieran Kichuck
  3. Danilo Moreira
  4. Jonata Gomes Ramos


  1. Fancisco Cuneo
  2. Jeferson Guaresi
  3. Breno Damieri Ricalde Maciel
  4. Matheus Ramos Silva Galvao


  1. Manuel Ribamar
  2. Felipe Cesar Sivla
  3. Francisco De Assis Lemos Lo
  4. Jaime Canuto


  1. Pedro Rocha
  2. Thiago Saldanha Dalcol
  3. Alejandro Rafael Tolmos Coquelet
  4. Charles McGuire


  1. Fellipe Trovo
  2. Thomas Bracher
  3. Cassio Felipe Sousa Costa
  4. Daniel Allen McGuire


  1. Davi Cabral
  2. Haisam Rida
  3. Robert Edwin Arnett II


  1. Jose Henrique Cardoso
  2. Helton Jose M. da Silva Junior
  3. Francisco Cuneo
  4. Hunter Colvin

Adult Female Black Belt Results


  1. Jhenifer Aquino Gonzaga
  2. Amber Rymarz-Freitas
  3. Lavinia Barbosa


  1. My Bao Nguyen
  2. Thamires Diogenes de Aquino
  3. Brittany Amanda Way
  4. Jessica Mallely Crane


  1. Alexandria Enriquez
  2. Patricia Magalhaes Machado
  3. Haley Lyn Zahnow
  4. Juliana Teles Gassaway


  1. Anna Rodrigues
  2. Claire North
  3. Jasmine Rocha
  4. Thamires Arruda Monteiro


  1. Elisabeth Clay
  2. Vannessa Nancy Griffin
  3. Betina Chaves Penedo Pereira
  4. Isa Bruno


  1. Thalyta Stefhane Lima Silva
  2. Bridget Mceliece
  3. Jordan Elizabeth Patrick
  4. Vedha Clemente Toscano


  1. Nathiely de Jesus


  1. Elisabeth Clay
  2. Vedha Toscano
  3. Bridge Mceliece
  4. Janin Lillian Mutton

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