2023 IBJJF Pans results and highlights: Nicholas Meregali dominates to win double gold

View all the black belt results and video highlights from the 2023 IBJJF Pans, which took place in Kissimmee, Florida.

Over the weekend, adult black belts competed in the 2023 IBJJF Pans – the second IBJJF grand slam tournament of the year.

View the full tournament results, courtesy of the IBJJF, here.

The event featured a number of standout performances. On the men’s side, New Wave’s Nicholas Meregali had one of the best tournaments of his career, winning gold in both the ultra-heavy and absolute divisions, and submitting all but one of his opponents along the way. The 28-year-old was dominant from both his guard and top position on his way to his first Pans title as a black belt.

Also, Art of Jiu-Jitsu’s Tainan Dalpra extended his undefeated streak in IBJJF competition to pick up his third Pans title, displaying his trademark guard passing throughout the event. With yet another gold medal performance, it’s hard to argue that anyone other than Dalpra is the world’s top pound-for-pound gi competitor.

In the heavyweight division, Polish standout Adam Wardzinski defeated the likes of Roberto Jimenez and Fellipe Andrew to capture his first Pans title. His final match against Andrew was one of the best of the tournament – a last-second, come-from-behind victory.

Other notable performances came from recent ADCC champion Diogo Reis, who avenged a 2022 Worlds loss against Diego “Pato” Oliveira to win the light-featherweight division, and veteran Marcio Andre, who defeated Fabricio “Hokage” Andrey to take home gold in the featherweight division.

And on the women’s side, Gabrieli Pessanha continued to dominate, winning gold in both the super-heavyweight and absolute divisions.

Unity Jiu-Jitsu’s Mayssa Bastos looked untouchable in winning the light-featherweight division. After taking home gold at the 2023 Europeans, Bastos seems poised to win an IBJJF grand slam this year.

And in the middleweight division, Ares BJJ’s Elisabeth Clay showed off incredible guard work on her way to winning gold. The performance comes just weeks after Clay won the stacked women’s grand prix at Polaris 23, and has set her on the path to being 2023’s best overall female competitor.

2023 IBJJF Pans adult black belt results

Men’s divisions


1. Zayed Abdulnaser A A Alkatheeri

2. Hiryu Niwa

3. Francisco Jonas Borges Andrade

3. Frank Cespedes


1. Diogo Reis

2. Deigo Oliveira

3. Yuta Shimada

3. Zachary Kaima’alili Kaina-Kokubun


1. Marcio Andre

2. Fabricio Andrey

3. Alexssandro Sodre

3. Diego Sodre


1. Jonathan Alves

2. Pablo Lavaselli

3. Alef Jose Soares Brito de Morais

3. Natan Cheung


1. Tainan Dalpra

2. Pedro Henrique Maia Costa

3. Eduardo Avelar de Carvalho

3. Rolando Samson


1. Gustavo Batista

2. Jansen Gomes

3. Franciso Lo

3. Ronaldo Junior


1. Adam Wardzinski

2. Fellipe Andrew

3. Dimitrius Souza

3. Lucas Norat Lopes


1. Erich Munis

2. Felipe Costa

3. Davi Cabral

3. Paulo Merlin


1. Nicholas Meregali

2. Yatan Bueno

3. Guilherme Augusto

3. Roosevelt Sousa


1. Nicholas Meregali

2. Erich Munis

3. Dimitrius Souza

3. Guilherme Augusto

Women’s divisions


1. Jessica Caroline Coelho Dantas

2. Jhenifer Aquino

3. Brenda Larissa Alves da Silva

3. Mario Eduarda Tozoni Ono


1. Mayssa Bastos

2. Rose-Marie el Sharouni

3. Amanda Alequin

3. Thamires Diogenes de Aquino


1. Anna Rodrigues

2. Margo Ciccarelli

3. Larissa Campos Carvalho

3. Sophia Dalpra


1. Luiza Monteiro

2. Ffion Davies

3. Janaina Lebre

3. Janine Lillian Mutton


1. Elisabeth Clay

2. Thalyta Stefhane Lima Silva

3. Thamara Ferreira

3. Vannessa Griffin


1. Ana Carolina Vieira

2. Amy Campo

3. Aurelie LE Vern

3. Izadora Cristina Silva


1. Larissa Dias de Almeida

2. Ingridd Alves de Sousa

3. Amanda Magda de Oliveira

3. Tamiris Fernanda da Silva


1. Gabrielie Pessanha

2. Mayara Monteiro Custodio

3. Lama H. S. Qubbaj


1. Gabrieli Pessanha

2. Ana Carolina Vieira

3. Maria Malyjasiak

3. Tamiris Fernanda da Silva

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