A Bitter Fight Sees Team SUG Limp Into the Finals Against Team BJJ Fanatics

A dramatic back and fourth battle between Team Lionheart and Team SUG finally saw Team SUG prevail. The matches showcased the best of wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and even contained some controversy in the form of an enforced back take that apparently was a penalty for Team SUG not taking the mat fast enough between matches.

A standout fighter for Team Lionheart was Erico Cocco, who finished an insanely high energy match against Rafael Domingos with a late heelhook, and then fought Team SUG’s Gabriel Checco to a standstill for a draw, displaying incredible cardio during both matches.

In the end, it came down to Joe Warren vs Ronnie Markos for a winner take all match. Markos scored a quick takedown, advanced to mount, and finished Joe with an arm triangle.

We’re taking a break now for the superfight, the finals will begin after that. The stage is set for Team BJJ Fanatics vs Team SUG.

Louis Martin

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