ADCC 2019 Results: Yuri Simoes vs Elliot Marshall

Simoes emerged victorious from the first round at ADCC 2019, where he met ex-UFC fighter, Elliot Marshall. He began the match with a quick takedown before securing an armbar from the back to finish. Simoes sets up a Quarter-final meeting with the winner of Kaynan Duarte vs Edgar Rafiev. Duarte submitted his opponent in the opening round as well but in much faster time, resulting in a classic match-up.

Simoes is the reigning -99kg ADCC champion and has entered ADCC 2019 as one of the favorites to take home the gold in the larger weight-class. Three more fights should see Simoes to achieving this feat and becoming the first man to win ADCC gold medals in three different divisions.

(This article is part of our week of ADCC coverage. To get live results, play by play, and commentary, we’ll have a live updates article running all weekend)

Alex Lindsey

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