ADCC West Coast Trials Results: Slick Submissions and a New King

The ADCC West Coast Trials took place this weekend in Burbank, California, bringing a number of notable teams together in competition.

Arguably the biggest standout competitor was Nicky Ryan, the 17-year-old Renzo Gracie prodigy, who finished all of his matches by submission. Ryan defeated Kade Ruotolo by outside heel hook in the quarter finals, then proceeded to secure rear naked chokes over Richard Alarcon and Keith Kirkorian to take first place in the 66kg division. The “Danaher Death Squad” member spoke to after his final win, playfully stating, “I’m the King now.” We’ll see how Gordon feels about that once he gets out of his knee brace.

Meanwhile, 10th Planet Academy brought a stacked team competitors, packing the brackets with top-notch competitors including Marvin Castelle, Keith Kirkorian, Richie Martinez, Kyle Boehm, and Nathan Orchard. As a result, many competitors faced teammates throughout the tournament, adding an interested dynamic to several matches.

Challenging the adult division in terms of speed, precision, and aggression, the teenagers who competed were something to behold. Standouts from this group include Nicky Ryan at 17 years old, Andrew “Pirulito” Tackett (Checkmat) (15), Kade and Tye Ruotolo (Atos) (15), William Tackett (Checkmat) (17), and Roberto Jimenez (Alliance) (18).

Perhaps the most significant performance came from John Combs in the 77kg category. Combs finished all but one match by submission, including a comeback win again Max Rohskopf. Because the division was stacked with talent, Combs escaping a tight spot was doubly impressive. He ultimately finished the match via RNC.

Female standouts Jena Bishop and Amanda Leve won their respective divisions, remaining aggressive throughout their matches. Both Bishop and Leve left with two wins by submission and one by points.

Raquel Canuto’s performance, however, was one of the night’s few disappointments. Canuto, who recently defeated Chelseah Lyons at Kasai Super Series on February 2nd, had a less-than-stellar showing with a quarter final loss to Nicole Evangelista.

Full results below:

66kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Nicky Ryan def. Kade Ruotolo by outside heel hook

– Richard Alarcon def. Tye Ruotolo by 2×0

– Keith Kirkorian def. Pedro Serrano by anaconda choke

– Sal Guerriero def. Junny Ocasio by 2×0


– Nicky Ryan def. Richard Alarcon by RNC

– Keith Kirkorian def. Sal Guerriero by triangle


– Nicky Ryan def. Keith Kirkorian by RNC

3rd Place

– Richard Alarcon def. Sal Guerriero by decision

77kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Enrico Cocco def. Thomas Keenan by 2×0

– John Combs def. Max Rohskopf by RNC

– William Tacket def. Jason Rau by 4×2

– Stephen Simms def. Nathan Orchard by 4×0


– John Combs def. Stephen Simms 3×2

– William Tacket def. Enrico Cocco by 2×0


– John Combs def. William Tacket by mounted guillotine

3rd Place

– Enrico Cocco def. Stephen Simms by 2×0

88kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Jon Blank def. Wes Lavine by footlock

– Josh Hinger def. H. Colvin by 8×0

– Roberto Jimenez def. Kevin Crane by kneebar

– Stanley Rosa def. Quentin Rosenzweig by straight ankle lock


– Josh Hinger def. Jon Blank by 4×0

– Stanley Rosa def. Roberto Jimenez by verbal tap (injury?)


– Josh Hinger def. Stanley Rosa by anaconda choke

3rd Place

– Jon Blank (forfeit)

99kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Nick Schrock def. Andy Perez 7×0

– Paul Ardila def. Erick Cruz by inside heel hook

– Manson Fowler def. Stephen Martinez by 4×0

– Diego Vazquez def. Hunter James Seide by 6×0


– Manson Fowler def. Paul Ardila by decision

– Diego Vazquez def. Nick Schrock by decision


– Manson Fowler def. Diego Vazquez by choke/crank from omoplata

3rd Place

– Paul Ardila def. Nick Schrock by 5×0

+99kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Casey Hellenberg def. Jimmy House by 7×0

– Nick Rodriguez def. by Jimmy Friederich by submission

– Jesseray Childrey def. Jordan Taghvai by straight ankle lock

– Jon Hansen def. Austin Baker by 5×0


– Nick Rodriguez def. Casey Hellenberg by 5×0

– Jon Hansen def. Jesseray Childrey by submission


– Nick Rodriguez def. Jon Hansen by RNC

3rd Place

– Casey Hellenberg (forfeit)

60kg (Female)

Quarter Finals

– Hannah Sharp def. Heather Raftery by decision

– Nikki Sullivan def. Danielle Kelly by submission

– Jena Bishop def. Breanna Stikkelman by submission

– Erin Herle def. Fabiana Jorge by 6×0


– Jena Bishop def. Erin Herle by RNC

– Nikki Sullivan def. Hannah Sharp by 2×0


– Jenna Bishop def. Nikki Sullivan by 2×0

3rd Place

– N/A

+60kg (Female)

Quarter Finals

– Elisabeth Clay def. Christina Hansen by submission

– Amanda Leve def. Paige Borras by 2×0

– Nicole Evangelista def. Raquel Canuto by submission

– Maggie Grindatti def. Monique Ricardo Carvalho by 5×0


– Amanda Leve def. E. Clay by submission

– Maggie Grindatti def. Nicole Evangelista by 3×0


– Amanda Leve def. Maggie Grindatti by flying triangle/armbar

3rd Place

– Elisabeth Clay def. Nicole Evangelista by submission

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