Andrew Wiltse Goes Off on Andre Galvao, Team Atos: ‘They’re kind of scumbags’

Andre Galvao and Team Atos have had a drama-filled few weeks, to say the least. Months of online trash talk between Galvao and Gordon Ryan culminated at last month’s Who’s Number One (WNO) event when the pair were involved in a backstage altercation that saw Ryan slap Galvao. Now, in a recent interview on That Jiu Jitsu Podcast, fellow WNO competitor Andrew Wiltse sounded off on Galvao and Team Atos.

Typically, Wiltse shies away from trash talk. But when asked about the altercation between Ryan and Galvao, Wiltse didn’t mince his words.

“I’m really on good terms with almost everybody in the world in jiu-jitsu,” he said. “But the Atos guys fucking blatantly cheat so much. They’re kind of scumbags in person. They’re not nice people usually, and they’re the only team I’m actually okay to openly talk shit about.”

After competing and defeating PJ Barch by decision earlier in the evening, Wiltse had a front row seat to scuffle involving Ryan and Galvao.

“When I saw Gordon slap him and then they were gonna fight, I went from being a fan of Gordon Ryan’s jiu-jitsu to a superfan,” Wiltse said. “Because if anyone deserves to be slapped after blatantly cheating and talking shit online, it’s Galvao.”

Wiltse went on to explain his issue with Galvao. According to Wiltse, Galvao had written nasty comments online about Wiltse’s Pedigo Submission Fighting teammate Jacob Couch.

“Galvao started laying into him for no reason,” he said. “It really hurt Couch’s feelings, he didn’t understand why this superstar of the sport was attacking him… I went from being like, your team just kind of blatantly obviously cheats, to you’re just kind of a scumbag.”

A multiple-time no-gi world champion in the colored belts and a no-gi Panamerican champ in 2020, Wiltse is already one of the top black belt competitors in the world. And with these statements, don’t be surprised to see a bit of rivalry building between Wiltse and Team Atos.

Ben Coate

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