Eddie Bravo Interview: His ADCC Legacy, The Golden Age of 10th Planet, and Running an Empire by Keeping It Simple.

They say never meet your heroes, even though I feel like I practically already had. The truth is, we all sort of know Eddie. His many appearances on “The Joe Rogan Experience” have shown us nearly every side of him. There’s Look-Into-It-Eddie, Super-High-Eddie, and Hyper-Focused-Eddie to name a few. It’s hard to imagine there’s a “real” Eddie we don’t yet know about.

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Opinion: IBJJF Drug Testing Is Good. Announcing It Three Months Prior Is Not.

The IBJJF, still considered the dominant organizing body in professional jiu-jitsu, took a big step last week in announcing it would partner with USADA to administer IBJJF drug testing to athletes shortly ahead on the 2019 Nogi Worlds, which will be held in December. Most people (but not all), agree

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Keenan Cornelius Wins Absolute At Nogi Pan Ams; Credits Ryan & Danaher Training

Keenan Cornelius continued his bid to be considered the best competition grappler in the world Saturday by winning gold in the absolute division of the IBJJF Nogi Pan Ams.

In an Instagram post, Keenan thanked in particular John Danaher and Gordon Ryan, whom he has been spending more time training with since he left Team Atos earlier this year.

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