Ben Askren Mocks Dillon Danis for Dropping Out of ADCC

As the grappling world heard the news yesterday that controversial athlete Dillon Danis was dropping out of ADCC, many had something to say. Never shy to voice his opinion, Ben Askren weighed in with a tweet, stating Dillon Danis was dropping out due to “sore knee caps”:

Ben Askren and Dillon Danis have a long history of ridiculing each other. A grappling match between the two has been floated around for some time. It was perhaps made closer to reality after Askren appeared on the Ariel Helwani show on 9/16. Askren said he will remain focused on his MMA career for now, but “welcomed” a future match with Danis.

Danis, for his own part, tweeted out “let’s do it!”

The reason for Danis’ ADCC withdrawal is still not known.

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