Bernardo Faria Offers Free Instructional To Help People Unable To Train Due To Coronavirus

BJJ legend and owner of BJJ Fanatics, Bernardo Faria, has offered a free code for a digital download of one of his instructional sets to help anyone who finds themselves unable to train as a result of the Coronavirus. Many BJJ events have now been cancelled as a result of bans on large public gatherings or general fears surrounding Coronavirus and gyms are starting to take note and shut their doors temporarily and a message like this shows just how much of what Bernardo Faria does is genuinely for the BJJ community.

Along with the above video, Faria attached the following message:

100% For One Of My Instructional Videos – COUPON CODE: FARIAFREE –

Dear Fanatics, as most of the BJJ Schools are closing and won’t have training for an undetermined amount of time, I decided to give away one of my Instructional Videos for FREE for all of you – Just use the coupon code: FARIAFREE at BJJFANATICS.COM and you will get $77 OFF at BJJFanatics to select any of my Digital Instructional Videos and watch at home while you can’t train BJJ.

I spent a ton of time thinking how I could support the BJJ community at this tough time, and this was a quick way I found. I hope you guys enjoy it and it takes your mind off this unfortunate situation – for a few minutes.  It will be a HUGE HONOR FOR ME to have you all watching one of my videos while your school is closed.


Bernardo Faria on YouTube

Click here to search for the free Bernardo Faria instructional you want to download.

We were fortunate enough to get an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to be training in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, click here to find out more.

Bernardo Faria Free Instructional Coronavirus

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