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What Are Compression Boots?

Compression Boots are inflatable sleeves below the knee that are likened to ‘sleeping bags’ for legs and by use of air compression, they squeeze the legs to improve blood flow and circulation. They are used to treat medical conditions for swelling and pain in the legs, such as ulcers, vein problems, lymphedema, venous thromboembolism, chronic venous insufficiency, and prevention of blood clots. It will relieve stiff and sore legs after a long flight or standing for too long.  

How Do Compression Boots Help Recovery?

With the correct type of compression for a specific type of medical condition, it can Reduce Delayed Onset (DOMS) for muscle soreness. The amount of pressure depends on the material used, how firmly it’s applied, and your daily movement. Compression Boots are well researched with proven benefits in pain relief, speed up recovery, and prevent serious medical conditions. An ideal time to use air therapy is any time after training or workouts, a hard day at work, or after traveling. You can use compression therapy boots 10–15 minutes before your workout, going to work where you spend most days on your feet and it will increase your circulation and help you to perform better.

How To Use Compression Boots?

Over the past 2-years, air compression therapy has become more popular and is most effective with the combination of movement. It compresses air to massage your legs, improve circulation, blood flow, and speed up recovery time. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that uses light amounts of pressure with rhythmic strokes to increase the lymph flow, which is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to your blood vessels. Air compression therapy copies how the body moves fluids. There are many types of compression boots such as slip-on garments, and full-length leg, arm, and hip compression garments that you can wear over clothing. These rapid bursts of air rejuvenate muscle tissue and relax tight and painful areas in your body.

Table of Contents

  1. Normatec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System
  2. Rapid Reboot Recovery System
  3. CINCOM Leg Air Compression Massager
  4. Doctor Life Recovery System
  5. Flyte Recovery Boots System
  6. Air Compression System DSMAREF Circulation
  7. Therabody RecoveryAir PRO Customizable
  8. Aquilo Sports Cryo Compression Recovery System
  9. Compex Ayre Wireless Rapid Recovery Compression Boots
  10. SLS3 Leg Recovery System Air Compression Boots
  11. Comparison Table

Best Overall

NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System

Price: $899.00 on Amazon

Dynamic air compression that was exclusive to elite athletes is now available to everyone. Its Pulse massage therapy technology makes use of biomimicry and provides powerful and effective therapy. It reduces pain and improves performance, increases circulation and movement, and decreases muscle fatigue. It conveniently comes with a power supply and an internal battery for cordless control, it can be fully connected to a mobile app to control the unit, reduce pain and soreness, speeds recovery, and boosts circulation. Its increased circulation will help you feel more refreshed than ever before. The various four chambers allow you to control each one separately depending on your targeted area of pain or discomfort. 

Editor’s Choice

Rapid Reboot Recovery System

Price: $795.00 on Amazon

Dynamic Air Compression for complete air massage therapy, improves circulation and increases circulation with a faster recovery time. Its elite dynamic compression boosts circulation, improves lymphatic function, aids muscle tension, improves movement, and eases soreness. You have the choice of 5 different sizes to fit your legs and get the most efficient recovery treatment. You can set up to 10 pressure settings, decide which chamber to inflate giving you the benefit to target or avoid areas by activating and deactivating chambers. Two modes offer a rapid flush or intermittent massage. You can set your three-time settings to 10, 20, or 30 minutes before a workout and train harder and recover faster. 

Best Budget Option

CINCOM Leg Air Compression Massager

Price: $109.99 on Amazon

The full leg massager improves body circulation, relieves pain and stress, aids in muscle tissue repair, swelling, edema, varicose veins, and aids in RLS. The wraps work when both air hoses are connected to the controller. For housewives, travelers, people who suffer from numbness, high stress, wear heels, or those who stand for long periods such as nurses and teachers, the sequence mode will remove the feeling of exhaustion. Its full leg provides a deep kneading and massage and mimics the natural muscle contraction which assists in tissue repair. 

Best Of The Rest

Doctor Life Recovery System

Price: $499.99 on Amazon

Recovery System Compression boots that are compatible with a pump, that can improve blood circulation and provide a faster workout recovery for athletes. It is important to remember you need to use the Control Unit to use the attachments properly. It is designed for personal use, relaxation, and support for blood circulation. The system is similar to pulse speed so it is recommended to breathe in deeply as air enters every chamber and breathe out when the air leaves every chamber. 

Flyte Recovery Boots System

Price: $699.00 on Amazon

One of the best compression machines it has a choice of sixteen levels, 4 different modes, and 6-chamber overlapping leg cuffs. You’ll feel as if treated by a masseuse through is all-around wrapping massage for your thigh, knee, instep, foot sole, ankle, and calf. It is easy to set up with clear instructions for use. You can enjoy many massage benefits as it is portable with rechargeable batteries; you can go anywhere without being held to one space or hooked up to an outlet.

Air Compression System DSMAREF Circulation

Price: $499.99 on Amazon

Doctor Life has been a healthy contributor for over 30 years. This sequential compression device helps in blood circulation and serves as a massager for legs and assists in a body massage and stretching exercise. It is lightweight and easy to use. The small compressor has a timer from 10-30 minutes and a dial to control the pressure level. Perfect for students, sports recoveries, those who sit or stand for lengthy periods, and use after general household chores.  

Therabody RecoveryAir PRO Customizable

Price: $1,299.00 on Amazon

These compression boots boost circulation to increase blood flow to parts of the body to assist your body in transferring oxygen to those areas, and assists recovery 3x faster, and comes with a battery saver system. They are hygiene and easy to clean, it’s pressure adapts to the inflation and deflation cycles according to your limb size. Precise pressure control prevents over constrictions than other designs. The massager comes with an advanced and powerful motor unit and covers the entire leg. Air modes can be customized for each chamber and set to different pressure levels. The negative gradient of pressure travels up from the foot through 4 overlapping chambers. This assists the airflow by preventing interruptions that could create harmful peaks. The treatment program is customizable via Bluetooth with the RecoveryAir app that you can download onto your phone.

Aquilo Sports Cryo Compression Recovery System

Price: $1,245.00 on Aquilo Sports

The recovery time is sped up by Aquilo’s lower body cold therapy with a 15-20 minute session. The cooling circulates ice water all around your body muscles and keeps you dry. Its Cryo-Compression treatment makes use of full-coverage cooling pads layered within a tighter compression fabric. This system is designed to help recovery and healing muscles and joints. The Cryo-Compression system assists in the prevention of edema, swelling, lymph drainage, improves blood circulation and oxygen and decreases metabolism. It absorbs heat from the area in pain or discomfort to provide relief and prevents tissue damage. It is portable, battery operated to charge up to 8-12 treatments, and includes a rechargeable battery and carry case. It is easy to use and fits into a backpack where you can carry the unit wherever your training takes you. 

Compex Ayre Wireless Rapid Recovery Compression Boots

Price: $599.99 on Compex

The Compex Ayre Rapid Recovery Compression boots have a built-in wireless control unit to assist in improving blood circulation, minor aches, and pains in the legs.  It uses intermittent dynamic pulses to break up lactic acid and stimulate blood circulation in the legs. It was designed for athletes, coaches, or therapists who are continuously on the go, and for those who need treatment after a workout or have poor blood circulation. The compression boots aid healing and assist in a quicker recovery period for muscles, sore and aching muscles, swelling, vein problems, or diabetic blood flow. It will help strengthen your muscles, avoid training fatigue and reduce muscle and joint damage. It is portable with a carry case and convenient to use if you need to travel. You will not have the hassle to carry power cords with you. Its high-quality interior and exterior materials make cleaning easier and hygienic. 

SLS3 Leg Recovery System Air Compression Boots

Price: $799.00 on Amazon

Designed for athletes, to help muscles recover quicker and relieve fatigue. You’ll enjoy its isolation mode and adjustable pressure settings for more customized recovery than other compression boots. Its long power cord will enable you to move around with a pump so quiet you’ll be able to watch TV. The leg sleeves have pockets that hide the tubes and protect connections. This device increases flexibility, reduces stiffness, decreases fatigue, and helps for a faster recovery time. It is safe and easy to customize your treatment. 

Comparison Table

TENS UNITSPriceNumber of Compression ChambersNumber of Pressure LevelsCustomizableBattery (plugged in)Rechargeable Battery
NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System$1,300.0047YYY
Rapid Reboot Recovery System Compression$699.00410YYY
CINCOM Leg Air Compression Massager$109.9923YYN
Doctor Life Recovery System$499.994240YYN
Flyte Recovery Boots System $699.00616YYY
Air Compression DSMAREF System $499.994240YYN
Therabody Recovery Air Pro$1,299.00410YYY
Aquilo Sports Cryo-Compression Recovery Pants System$1,245.004150YYY
Compex Ayre Wireless Rapid Recovery Compression Boots$599.994120YYY
SLS3 Leg Recovery System Air Compression Boots$799.004250YYY


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