BJJ Bet Brazil Preview: The Ultimate BJJ betting event?

Is this the new era of BJJ? Maybe. This is the BJJ Bet Brazil preview, where we’ll break down one of the newest betting formats within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community. If you’ve been involved in the community for long enough, you have noticed that being able to bet on BJJ events is rare. This is because most events don’t have the notoriety or the media coverage to be noticed by bookers.

This is what the promoters at BJJ Bet are trying to overcome. They are going for broke with this event, with some of the hottest match-ups of the rollercoaster year that has been 2020. I don’t want to spoil the match-ups, but think Kaynan Duarte, Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu, Leandro Lo, Alexandre ‘Xande’ Ribeiro and more, all on the same card.

The new BJJ Bet Brazil system

What’s new about this event? They are mixing these incredible bouts with the opportunity to guess at the results and win a cash prize. The rules are somewhat complicated, so I’ll do my best to explain them as simply as possible. To participate, you have to buy the PPV event. Once you do that, you earn 1,000 points that you can distribute within the card. Making predictions for the whole card costs 400 points. Predicting the undercard or main card only, is worth 100 and 300 points respectively.

Once you register, buy the PPV and access the main site, you may predict the results by clicking on the ‘Make your Picks!’ button. There, you will see the list of match-ups, athletes and win method for the BJJ Bet event. This is where things get tricky. Once you pick a win method and the athlete you pick to win, you have to assign points to the result. This means, how many of the 400 points you have to distribute you want to assign to this particular result?

The BJJ Bet Brazil system explained

This points distribution is similar to a measure of self-confidence in the result. You should assign more points to the outcomes you are most confident with at BJJ Bet. On the other hand, if you make a risky or unlikely prediction, you should assign that prediction fewer points. Of course, we have to keep in mind that this is BJJ and most of the outcomes are far from predictable.

So let’s say you are 100-percent sure that Meregali will beat Lo via submission within the first minute. Then ,when that result happens, you’ll be credited 400×10 = 4,000 points. The results from every match-up will be added up to determine the winners. By the end of the night, the three people with the most points win the three cash prizes.

Cash Prizes

The winners will take home cash prizes for podium placement. First place will earn a whopping R$3.000, while second and third will earn R$700 and R$300 respectively. That’s about US$750 in prize money. Keep in mind that the BJJ Bet Brazil PPV is worth $14.95. So this is actually a relatively low risk bet to take. You can see the full fight card below:

BJJ Bet Card – Gi

  • Micael Galvão vs Felipe Porto (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Open Class)
  • Meyram Maquine vs Felipe Andrey (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 65kg)
  • Gutemberg Pereira vs Rider Zuchi (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 95kg)
  • Diego Pato vs Alex Sodré (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 65kg)
  • Gabrieli Pessanha vs Yara Soares (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 80kg)
  • Marcos Petcho vs Servio Tulio (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 85kg)
  • Nicholas Meregali vs Leandro Lo (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Open Class)
  • Erberth Santos vs Felipe ‘Preguiça’ Pena (Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 100kg)
  • Wander Braga vs Marco Barbosa (Gi / 6 minutes / IBJJF / Under 80kg)

BJJ Bet Card – No Gi

  • Ítalo Moura vs Leonardo Lara (No Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 85kg)
  • ‘Xande’ Ribeiro vs Wagner Rocha (No Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 95kg)
  • Gregor Gracie vs Isaque Bahiense (No Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Under 85kg)
  • ‘Cyborg’ Abreu vs Kaynan Duarte (No Gi / 10 minutes / IBJJF / Over 95kg)

My picks

Last time we made predictions, I went three out of four at SUG 17, and 75 percent isn’t bad at all. This time, I’ll share my picks and point distribution. This way you can take some more value out of it. Bear in mind I’m not suggesting these results will take place. These are just my predictions for each of the matches.

MatchWinnerWin methodPoints
Micael Galvão vs Felipe PortoMicael GalvãoSubmission Win in regular time20
Meyram Maquine vs Felipe AndreyMeyram MaquineVictory through points in regular time20
Gutemberg Pereira vs Rider ZuchiGutemberg PereiraVictory through points in regular time50
Diego Pato vs Alex SodréDiego PatoGolden Score by points win20
Gabrieli Pessanha vs Yara SoaresGabrieli PessanhaSubmission Win in regular time50
Marcos Petcho vs Servio TulioServio TulioVictory through points in regular time20
Nicholas Meregali vs Leandro LoNicholas MeregaliVictory through points in regular time20
Erberth Santos vs Felipe ‘Preguiça’ PenaFelipe PenaVictory through points in regular time30
Wander Braga vs Marco BarbosaMarco BarbosaVictory through points in regular time20
Ítalo Moura vs Leo LaraÍtalo MouraGolden Score by points win20
‘Xande’ Ribeiro vs Wagner Rocha‘Xande’ RibeiroVictory through points in regular time50
Gregor Gracie vs Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseSubmission Win in regular time50
‘Cyborg’ Abreu vs Kaynan DuarteKaynan DuarteVictory through points in regular time30

We want your feedback

We are interested in your toughts on the match-ups and your predictions. Feel free to send your winning results our way. If you disagree with my picks or want to tell us about yours, you can do so by clicking here. Let us know if you want a post explaining the reasons behind every pick in the future.

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