BJJ Black Belt Catches Robber Breaking Into His Car

BJJ Black Belt and coach of Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu, Idriz Redzovic, caught a robber attempting to break into his own car. He says that he saw the man looking at several cars and acting suspicious before trying some of their handles. Unfortunately for both Redzovic and the criminal, he had actually left his car unlocked. After the robber picked potentially the worst car available to try and steal, Redzovic didn’t waste any time in leaving his school to confront the thief.

After the black belt catches the robber, he immediately pulled him out of the car and subdued him pretty quickly using a heavy knee on belly. The robber struggled initially before realizing that he had no hope of making it out from underneath the seasoned practitioner. It was then that one of Redzovic’s students called the police and the pair waited with the suspect until they arrived.

Redzovic is a 2nd degree black belt and currently teaches in Chicago out of his own gym, the aforementioned Redzovic Jiu-Jitsu.

For anyone living in the Chicago area and wanting to start BJJ with Idriz Redzovic, his school can be found here.

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Alex Lindsey

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