BJJ Black Belt Ethan Crelinsten Undergoes ACL Surgery

Ethan Crelinsten – an American BJJ black belt under renowned coach John Danaher, and a member of the newly founded ‘B-Team’ – has undergone ACL surgery. 

Injuries are unavoidable and inevitable in BJJ, especially being a high-level competitor; due to all of the intensive training and strain put on your body. ACL injuries are common in BJJ but they can also be one of the most painful injuries you can endure. Crelinsten claims he has had “no ACL” for three years, however he has been relentless in his competing; appearing on Fight to Win (F2W), Submission Underground (SUG), and Who’s Number One (WNO) last year all whilst having no ACL. 

Unfortunately due to surgery, Crelinsten has been forced to withdraw from the WNO Championships that will take place this week on September 25 and September 26, however he is being replaced by Damien Anderson in the 155-pound division. Crelinsten announced the news about his ACL surgery on his Instagram,

@ethan.crelinsten “I’ve had no ACL for three years now, just you wait till I’m back with a brand new knee 💪 @pit_viper glasses for the safety and morale boost of the surgical staff.”

In a follow-up Instagram Story Crelinsten shared the good news that the surgery was a success; and that it also included meniscus repair, “Surgery was a success. Quadricep tendon ACL replacement and meniscus repair.”

Lucy Wynne

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