BJJ Community Mourns the Loss of 10th Planet Black Belt Zack Edwards

The jiu-jitsu community has lost a black belt competitor. On Monday, 10th Planet black belt Zack Edwards passed away due to brain cancer.

Edwards was a black belt under JM Holland and Zach Maslany of 10th Planet Bethlehem. He was a frequent no-gi competitor, appearing on the Fight To Win and Subversiv stages.

Earlier this year, Edwards’ fiancee Emi Miller created a Go Fund Me to help pay for Edwards’ medical bills that arose as Edwards’ health deteriorated. That Go Fund Me raised over $42,000. On August 25, Miller reported that Edwards had been diagnosed with brain cancer. She wrote:

“With an incredibly heavy heart I’m delivering this news. Zack has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His team of doctors are working to start treatment this week. Please donate to his go fund me, buy a hoodie or a t shirt, all links in my bio. He needs all the love and support he can get right now. Thank you to everyone whose been checking on him, his mom, and me. Zack is a fighter and we’re all standing with him. I’ll be in PA soon, please message me regarding any questions and give his family privacy at this time. #zacksubmitscancer”

The 10th Planet and jiu-jitsu community at large mourned the loss of Edwards on social media.

10th Planet founder and leader Eddie Bravo

10th Planet Bethlehem coach JM Holland

10th Planet Bethlehem coach Zach Maslany

UFC veteran and 10th Planet black belt Ben Saunders:

Fight To Win CEO Seth Daniels

Grappling Insider joins the jiu-jitsu community in mourning the loss of Edwards. May he rest in peace.

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