BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix Results

The hotly-anticipated BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix has come to an end and crowned it’s champion. After a well received initial outing with a brown belt tournament earlier this year, BJJ Fanatics decided to up the ante by including some elite grapplers in their second edition. Gordon Ryan was initially the favourite to take home the $10,000 prize but after having to withdraw and being replaced by Nick Rodriguez, the tournament got blown wide open.

William Tacket had a breakthrough performance in getting all the way to the Quarter-Finals before losing via EBI overtime to the vastly more experienced Aaron “Tex” Johnson. Jonnatas Gracie also pulled off a great upset by beating ADCC west coast trials gold medallist, John Combs, in overtime. Last minute replacement, Nick Rodriguez, made it out of the opening round before being beaten by Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa who came up short against Rodriguez’s teammate, Gordon Ryan, at ADCC.

The biggest statement of the day came from 10th Planet’s newest black belt, Kyle Boehm. Boehm was invited to the tournament after winning the brown belt invitational and was a dark horse to take home gold. He didn’t disappoint as he racked up two finishes by heel hook and three overtime victories on his way to being crowned champion. After beating Hulk and Tex (for the second time) in the final two rounds, Boehm has quickly established himself as an elite competitor.

See below for full results.

BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix Full Results:

Opening Round:

– Kyle Boehm def. Valdir Araujo Junior by inside heel hook.
– Nick Rodriguez def. Victor Silverio by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).
– Joey Baize def. Corey Guitard by outside heel hook.
– Lucas Barbosa def. Khalil Fadallah by armbar.
– Jason Rau def. Quentin Rosensweig by straight ankle lock.
– Mike Mucitelli def. Yosof Wanly by outside heel hook.
– Nick Fiore def. Garret Lavaggi by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).
– Jonnatas Gracie def. John Combs EBI overtime R2 (RNC).
– Willam Tacket def. Harry Gretch by calf-slicer.
– Kody Steele def. Rodrigo Alonso by RNC.
– Aaron Johnson def. Keith Kirkorian by EBI overtime R1 (armbar).

Second Round:

– Kyle Boehm def. Jordan Lutzky by outside heel hook.
– Lucas Barbosa def. Nick Rodriguez by EBI overtime (ride-time).
– Jason Rau def. Joey Baize by footlock.
– Jonnatas Gracie def. Mike Mucitelli by arm-in guillotine.
– Willam Tacket def. Nick Fiore by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).
– Kody Steele def. Lucas Wilhan by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).
– Tex Johnson def. William Vincent by straight ankle lock.
– Jesseray Childrey def. Lucas Valle by footlock.


– Kyle Boehm def. Jason Rau by EBI overtime (ride-time).
– Kody Steele def. Jonnatas Gracie by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).
– Lucas Barbosa def. Jesseray Childrey by katagatame.
– Tex Johnson def. Willam Tacket by EBI overtime R1 (armbar).


– Lucas Barbosa def. Kody Steele by straight armlock.
– Kyle Boehm def. Tex Johnson by EBI overtime R1 (RNC).


– Kyle Boehm def. Lucas Barbosa by EBI overtime (ride-time).

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