BJJ Fanatics Offer 40% off ALL Instructionals

Since being able to train BJJ is off the cards for the majority of people, especially since England announced the new wave of tier 4 restrictions – meaning gyms are closed again – how else can you keep that BJJ muscle memory strong? There’s various ways you can practice/ study BJJ at home, however if you’re one for instructionals – BJJ Fanatics have offered a 40% discount off ALL instructionals. The offer is only temporary though, so snatch it whilst you can! Pretty much anything you want to learn or focus on, there will be an instructional available on BJJ Fanatics to download/buy that will suit what you’re after.

If you want to get prepped and be even more of a savage after the new year (regardless of training or not) then get on BJJ Fanatics, find an instructional, and use the code ‘NEWYEARS2021’ to receive 40% off. There’s a plethora of categories to choose from to help you narrow down what instructional(s) will be best for you and your goals. The instructionals vary from judo, wrestling, mindset, to back attacks, escapes, submissions etc… So whatever you’re working on, there will be an instructional available online to help assist with achieving your goals. 

Regardless of your rank, there’s always areas that can be improved, and if you want a more solid game you need to face your weaknesses and work on them. These online instructionals allow you to focus on the parts you’re not that good at without having to have 1-2-1’s essentially. The instructionals can seem expensive at face value but taking into consideration the knowledge you are receiving from the top in the game – it really isn’t a lot. If you’re not able to train, instructionals really are a great way to help you work on your weaknesses, strengthen muscle memory and just up your jits game in general.  

The instructionals available are from the best in the game, from the likes of John Danaher, Mikey Musumeci, Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, Roger Gracie and many more. To have a gander as to what’s on offer click here to go on to the BJJ Fanatics site. ALL videos are 40% off. Make the most of it!

Wishing you all the best for the New Year! #OSS

Lucy Wynne

BJJ Purple Belt living in, London, England. I began training BJJ back in 2017, when I was at university, and have trained ever since. #OSS Instagram: @journowynne

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