BJJ Fanatics Offering The Triangle Machine By Craig Jones For Free

BJJ Fanatics have done it again, offering up high quality instructionals for free to help grapplers deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, and this time it’s The Triangle Machine, courtesy of Craig Jones. It all started when Bernardo Faria decided to provide the world with a free copy of any one of his instructionals, he was then quickly followed by the release of John Danaher’s solo drills instructional that was filmed specifically to help cope with the lack of BJJ in the age of social distancing. Tom DeBlass then joined in as well by offering fans the choice of one of his instructionals for a limited time only.

The Australian phenom is more well known for his leg attacks, recently seen on full display when he tore straight through Vinny Magalhaes leg at Submission Underground 13. He still uses The Triangle Choke very often though, most recently seen when he submitted Adam Wardzinski at Grapplefest 7 with the Reverse Triangle Choke. His biggest achievement to date however, is his silver medal earned at ADCC 2019 after three straight submission victories over elite competition.

The instructional normally costs $97 and contains seven different sections, all built around the Triangle Choke and detailing some of Jones’ favorite setups for the classic submission:

  • Finishing The Triangle.
  • Reverse Triangle From Defended Knee Bar.
  • The Mounted Triangle.
  • Triangle From Side Control.
  • Triangle From The Back.
  • Low Flying Triangle From Uchi Mata Set Up.
  • ADCC Flying Triangle.

For your free copy of The Triangle Machine by Craig Jones, click here.

Alex Lindsey

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