BJJ Globetrotters Suspended By IBJJF

It has just been revealed that BJJ Globetrotters has been suspended by the IBJJF. The email from the IBJJF that Globetrotters founder, Christian Graugart received is attached below and was apparently received on the 28th of February, it details exactly why the IBJJF has chosen to suspend the affiliation and that they can no longer field athletes at tournaments.

This should come as something of a shock to those of you who’ve been fortunate enough to attend one of the BJJ Globetrotters training camps as it’s clearly apparent how much value the organisation gives back to the sport. These camps have been taking place for years and recently, Graugart even opened up his own belt verification site for members of the BJJ community to get confirmation of ranking,

bjj globetrotters ibjjf suspension

Dear Professor Graugart,

We are contacting you in regards to your association, BJJ Globetrotters.

We have received numerous reports of the BJJ Globetrotters association approving and signing for memberships of athletes who have no relation with the Black Belt instructor who is signing for their membership.

To protect the integrity of the martial art, and to ensure the safety of our athletes, it is important that athletes train under the overall guidance of a Black Belt professor. When professors sign for memberships of students who do not train under their guidance, such actions risk damaging the integrity of the sport, which goes against the values of IBJJF

After further review, IBJJF has decided to suspend the BJJ Globetrotters association from signing for any new memberships or for any membership renewals. In order to register or renew, athletes will need to register under a different academy and registered professor, they will no longer be able to request membership under BJJ Globetrotters.

Please let us know if you have any questions at this time.

Grappling Insider has reached out to Christian Graugart for comment and will update this article if and when one is received.

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