BJJ Kids beware, early sport specialization is linked to injuries

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is fast becoming a popular sports among kids around the world, but a recent study cautions against kids focusing on just one sport too early in their development.

Brian M. Cash, MD from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles recently spoke at a convention to present his new research and the results were interesting:

“Our research indicated that athletes who specialized in their varsity sport before the age of 14 were more likely to report a history of injuries and multiple college injuries during the course of their athletic career,” said author, Brian M. Cash.

Cash and his team analysed over 200 surveys and found that the correlation with excess training specialization and the increase in injury risk was high. The main group that was at risk for injury were those who trained over 28 hours per week:

“Sports participation is an excellent way for kids to maintain their health and possibly even receive a college scholarship. However, our research further highlights that avoiding sports specialization before the age of 14 and minimizing training time to less than 28 hours per week, may significantly minimize a child’s injury chances and promote long-term, athletic college or even elite success,” said Cash.

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