BJJ Stars 10 results: Erich Munis wins gold, Kaynan Duarte disqualified against Mica Galvao

At BJJ Stars 10: Battlefield, Erich Munis won tournament gold and Kaynan Duarte suffered a disqualification loss against Mica Galvao.

On Saturday, April 22, BJJ Stars returned to action with a loaded 16-man openweight bracket featuring some of the world’s best gi competitors at BJJ Stars 10: Battlefield.

Erich Munis walked away the tournament winner and 200,000 reais (approximately US$38,000) richer following victories over Guillherme Lambertucci, Devhonte Johnson, Mica Galvao, and, in the final, Fellipe Andrew.

Formerly of Dream Art and now with Fratres Jiu-Jitsu, Munis’ all-around game was on full display throughout the tournament. 

A two-time IBJJF world champion, Munis is currently enjoying a run of success that has established him as one of the planet’s top gi athletes. With only four total defeats on his black belt record, Munis’ only losses since 2021 have come against Nicholas Meregali.

Mica Galvao suffers knee injury in DQ win over Kaynan Duarte

In the event’s quarterfinals, a highly-anticipated matchup between Atos representative Kaynan Duarte and 19-year-old prodigy Mica Galvao. While that match was exciting while it lasted, it ended in disappointing fashion.

Galvao came out aggressive from the opening seconds, pulling guard and scoring an early sweep to gain a two-point lead. Duarte answered by entering into a cross-ashi position where he attacked a kneebar. However, as Galvao rolled to escape the kneebar, the position quickly turned into an illegal reaping situation, creating a sideways kneebar on Galvao.

Galvao tapped immediately but was nonetheless awarded the victory as a result of Duarte’s illegal technique.

Clearly hurt, Galvao continued competing in the tournament, meeting Fellipe Andrew in the semifinals in what would be the event’s most entertaining match. Once again, Galvao opened the contest with a flurry of attacks, racking up a number of advantages with an early back-take attempt and reverse triangle.

Somehow, though, Andrew would survive without conceding a single point. Soon, Andrew was able to pass Galvao’s guard to secure a 3-point lead, which he would hold for the remainder of the match.

BJJ Stars 10: Battlefield tournament results

Round of 16:

  • Mica Galvao def. Otavio Nalati via points
  • Kaynan Duarte def. Vinicius Liberati via submission (short choke)
  • Adam Wardzinski def. Patrick Gaudio via submission (collar choke)
  • Fellipe Andrew def. Pedro Lucas via decision
  • Victor Hugo def. Uanderson Ferreira via points
  • Mauricio Oliveira def. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu via points
  • Devhonte Johnson def. Gutenberg Perreira via decision
  • Erich Munis def. Guillherme Lamtertucci via submission (armbar)


  • Mica Galvao def. Kaynan Duarte via disqualification
  • Fellipe Andrew def. Adam Wardzinski via points
  • Victor Hugo def. Mauricio Oliveira via decision
  • Erich Munis def. Devhonte Johnson via points


  • Fellipe Andrew def. Mica Galvao via points
  • Erich Munis def. Victor Hugo via advantages


  • Erich Munis def. Fellipe Andrew via advantages

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