BJJ Stars VI Results and Highlights: Pena Retains Title, Barbosa Wins in Controversy

On Saturday, BJJ Stras VI took place live from Brazil. In the evening’s main event, BJJ Stars heavyweight champion Felipe Pena impressed with a submission win over Patrick Gaudio. And lower on the card, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa earned a controversial win over Matheus Diniz, and fast-rising black belt Tainan Dalpra dominated and submitted Athos Miranda.

Felipe Pena showed why he is still one of the best overall jiu-jitsu players in the world with a dominant performance against 2020 European Open champion Patrick Gaudio in the main event. Although Pena fell down two points after a Gaudio sweep early, he was immediately able to pick up a sweep of his own. Pena then smashed his way through Gaudio’s guard and moved to a secure mount. From there, Pena transitioned to the back and a textbook collar choke to retain his heavyweight title.

In the co-main event, Lucas Barbosa and Matheus Diniz spent nearly nine full minutes wrestling on the feet before Barbosa got deep on a double leg to earn two points. Barbosa briefly threatened a back take, but Diniz was able to scramble back to his feet with about thirty seconds remaining. With the clock showing zeroes, the referee didn’t stop the match, but Diniz secured a one-armed choke on Barbosa, putting Barbosa all the way to sleep. In the end, Barbosa walked away with a 2-0 victory, despite the fact that he was choked unconscious — seemingly well after time had expired.

One of the night’s best performances came from Art of Jiu-Jitsu representative Tainan Dalpra, who made quick work of Athos Miranda. Dalpra showed off excellent pressure and guard passing in the first few minutes of the match, but was only able to earn a pair of advantages for near passes. After the pair returned to their feet, Dalpra pulled guard, swept, passed Miranda’s guard, transitioned to the back and secured a picture-perfect collar choke.

Full BJJ Stars VI results and highlights:

Felipe Pena def. Patrick Gaudio via submission (choke)

Lucas Barbosa def. Matheus Diniz via points (2-0)

Yuri Simoes def. Mahamed Aly via decision

Michael Langhi def. Claudio Coloquinha via points (2-0)

Erberth Santos def. Gutemberg Pereira via decision

Tainan Dalpra def. Athos Miranda via submission (choke)

Bianca Basilio def. Gabi Fetcher via points (8-0)

Izadora Cristina def. Ingridd Alves via points (4-2)

Lucas Gualberto def. Natan Chueng via decision

Dimitrius Souza def. Rudson Mateus via advantage (0-0, 2-1 adv.)

Dyna Sena def. Eshirley Kessy via submission (choke)

Matheus Spirandelli def. Henrique Ceconi via points (6-2)

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