Breaking: ADCC 2021 Location Announced!

Editor’s Note: Mo Jassim has confirmed to Grappling Insider via reddit that he is exploring hosting ADCC 2021 in Las Vagas, Nevada along with a number of other US cities.

It appears that Mo Jassim made a great impact on the ADCC committee after organizing this year’s event. They’ve wasted no time in securing his services as host for ADCC 2021, immediately after the tournament had finished. This makes Jassim the first person to host the tournament twice, as they tend to prefer to change both host and location with every edition.

Jassim has decided not to rest on his accomplishments and plans to make the next edition “bigger and better.” “I haven’t selected where it will be, but it will be in the United States again” added Jassim. He credited the fan reaction and the feedback he got from the competitors for this decision. But it seems that he might have taken note of the fact that half of this year’s winners were from the USA when he made plans to bring the tournament back there.

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The event hasn’t been held in the same place since it’s origins in Abu Dhabi, so it’s unlikely Jassim will return to Anaheim. With L.A and Trenton used in the past, it’ll be interesting to see where Jassim takes the event next time. He’s not the only person returning to work on ADCC 2021 however, as he’s planned to bring back his crew from this year. Shawn Fowler and Seth Daniels proved invaluable in the run-up to the event, encouraging Jassim to continue working with them.

He added “the reality is we only really started working on ADCC 2019 five months before the event. So with a full 2 years to prepare and the experience of the last event, ADCC 2021 will once again shock the grappling world, that is a guarantee”. Considering how high he’s set the bar, it’ll be interesting to see how he plans to top it next time. Maybe he’ll decide to expand the women’s divisions? Who knows.

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