British Judo Black Belt Found Guilty of Murder

On Thursday, Judo black belt Colin Payne, 61, was sentenced to life imprisonment at Swansea Crown Court. He was found guilty of using his fighting expertise in the murder of Mark Bloomfield and he is set to serve at least 15 years before a parole board can deliberate release.

The court was told how the victim, Mark Bloomfield, had brushed the back of Payne’s girlfriend with a beer can inside the Full Moon Pub in Swansea. This had prompted Payne to launch an attack on Bloomfield to “teach him a lesson”.

Payne had proceeded to drag Bloomfield to the floor by the throat and kicked him in the head while he was down. When Bloomfield exited the pub, Payne followed and assaulted him outside. Payne then delivered “two expert blows” knocking Bloomfield to the ground, where Bloomfield hit his head on the concrete and lost consciousness. 

Upon arrival paramedics found Bloomfield unconscious bleeding from his nose, mouth and right ear. He died in the hospital two days later.

Addressing Payne Judge Paul Thomas QC stated:

“All that Mr Bloomfield did that day in the Full Moon was to touch your girlfriend’s back momentarily with a beer can. That cost him his life.”

“You wanted to show regulars you were not a man who would be trifled with. You had an image to protect as self-styled hard man.”

Colin Payne is a Judo black belt and medalled at British Masters Championships in 2009. In addition he is highly trained in Jiu Jitsu and had recently advertised his services as a bodyguard and combat instructor.

He had previously been convicted of common assault in 2009. This conviction had followed an incident where he grabbed an employee at a hotel by the throat. In addition he has been involved in a scuffle involving his ex-wife, for which he received a sentence of six-months.

Mark Bloomfield, in contrast, was described as a ”fighter for justice”. He had worked as a special assistant to Mother Teresa, as well as numerous charity projects in Africa and India.

Claiming self-defence Payne pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but was found guilty of murder.