Combat Jiu Jitsu Fight Night results: Yuri Simoes wins big

When the CJJ tournament was announced there were a lot of expectations as Eddie Bravo and Victor Davila had put together a stacked card, but unfortunately the injury bug hit. Following Gordon Ryan’s LCL injury at Kasai, his first round opponent, Fabricio Werdum pulled out and then Josh Barnett also pulled out at the 11th hour leaving a watered down card.

Much to the credit of Bravo and Davila, they managed to get in some high level athletes and the highest level of them all, Yuri Simoes, was able to put on an exciting show and give the fans their money’s worth.

Simoes, a former ADCC champ, was too much for the rest of the competitors in the field and managed to secure victory in the final against Jon Blank via a beautifully executed kneebar.

Check out the full results below (h/t Trapsosolo):

Special Absolute Superfight:

Nick Maximo vs Brian Brown (Maximo wins by triangle choke submission in Regulation)

Bantamweight First Round:

Ryan Carroll vs Brandon Moreno (Moreno wins by darce choke submission in Regulation)

Robert Duran vs Beau Brooks (Brooks wins by triangle choke submission in Regulation)

Richard Alarcon vs Benjamin Tapia (Alarcon wins by anaconda choke submission in Regulation)

Geoff Real vs Ray De Leon (De Leon wins by triangle choke submission in Regulation)

Elijah Tagalog vs Chris Nunez (Tagalog wins by quickest escape time in OT)

Bantamweight Semi-finals:

Beau Brooks vs Brandon Moreno (Moreno wins in submission by TKO strikes)

Elijah Tagalog vs Richard Alacron (Alarcon wins by RNC choke submission in Regulation)

Special Superfight:

Hunter Colvin vs Kyle Boehm (Colvin wins by arm bar triangle submission in Regulation)

Absolute First Round:

Yuri Simoes vs Stephen Martinez (Simoes wins by quickest escape time in OT)

Jon Blank vs Kevin Casey (Blank wins by heel hook submission in Regulation)

Bantamweight Finals:

Brandon Moreno vs Richard Alarcon (Alarcon wins wins by quickest escape time in OT and wins invitation to CJJ Worlds)

Special Superfight:

Kayla Patterson vs Bia Mesquita (Mesquita wins by arm bar submission in Regulation)

CJJ Absolute Title Fight:

Yuri Simoes vs Jon Blank (Simoes wins by knee bar submission in n Regulation to win CJJ Absolute belt and $10,000)


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