Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds: The Bantamweights, Live Results, Discussion and Play By Play

Join us today (Sunday, 26th) for live updates on the Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA. the CJJ Worlds features a stacked card of some of the most exciting CJJ athletes including Baret Yoshida, Nick Pace and Ben Eddy.

Opening Round

Nick Honstein vs. Taylan Yuasa

We are live with our first match of the evening, thank you for joining us at for what should be a great night of action.

Honstein is the favourite for this one, but we’ll see what happens, CJJ is unpredictable. Yuasa lands a quick throw and goes straight to north south. Honstein is looking for a triangle from under, but it’ll be hard to finish. Honstein is running the risk of gassing his legs out early here with a low percentage move.

Yuasa moves to half guard top. Honestein transitions to a triangle from butterfly. This triangle is tight and it’s all she wrote!

Nick Honstein wins via triangle choke.

Maikel Perez vs. Marcelo Cohen

We’ve got a MMA fighter in Perez vs. a seasoned BJJ guy in Cohen. This should be an interesting match. Cohen pulls guard and Perez immediately lands some strikes. The match returns to the feet but Perez lands a strong takedown. Perez is landing some great strikes. Cohen hits a technical stand-up and it’s back to the feet. BIG takedown for Perez and he continues to hit Cohen with palm strikes.

Perez is landing a lot of strikes while standing over Cohen who seems to be trying to set up a spiral clinch. Cohen is in closed guard but Perez is neutralising all his offense. Cohen is looking to attack from a knee shield guard, but Perez’s positionally dominating so far. Perez is looking great, but it seems we might be heading to overtime, which could be good for Cohen.

We’re going to over time and Perez’s being deducted some time due to the new purgatory rule. Perez is attacking first and he is taking the back. Cohen escapes within a matter of seconds. Cohen is taking the back for his turn and he is being patient and looking to secure riding time. Cohen got some ride time, but Perez managed to stand up and shake him off.

It’s round 2 of overtime and Perez is back on back control. Perez threatens with a neck crank, but Cohen still escapes quite quickly. Cohen is an offense and it looks like he should be guaranteed a win here, unless something crazy happens. Cohen is getting some good time here, he has to be far ahead here. Perez escapes, but he’ll need a submission in round 3.

Perez attacks a crank, but Cohen gets out immediately. Cohen takes Perez’s back an secures some extra ride time and it’s a wrap!

Cohen wins by most ride time in overtime.

Richard Alarcon vs. Sheridan Moran

The last match was a bit of a snoozer, but hopes are high for this one. Alarcon and Moran are both fun, this should be high paces and interesting.

Sheridan Moran lands a sweet duck-under to the back and he is in control. Alarcon is teasing a kimura, but he can’t get it going. Alarcon scrambles to his feet. Moran makes his way to the back, his positional grappling is immense and he has the body triangle locked in. Moran attacks with the crank, but Alarcon manages to escape and take top position. Another scramble and Alarcorn ends up in a front headlock.

Moran recovers guard, but Alarcon lands some good ground and pound. Alarcon is establishing himself on top. Sheridan Moran creates another scramble but gets caught in a deep choke attempt. He escapes but his face is bleeding badly. Regulation is over and we’re going to overtime.

Round 1 and Alarcon chooses to attack the back. Alarcon locks in a nice body triangle and is scoring a lot of ride time. The arm triangle transition is there, but Alarcon is smartly choosing to just secure more ride time.Moran too chooses the back. Unlike Alarcon, Moran was unable to secure a good position and lost the position quickly.

Round 2 and Alarcon is back on the back and doing well. Alarcon’s control is really impressive and he is really showing how much his game is growing. Moran manages to escape, but Alarcon is far ahead on ride time. Moran chooses to attack from spiderweb and is the first person of the night to do so, it looks like a mistake as Alarcon immediately escapes.

Round 3, Alarcon is far ahead and just looking to get more ride time. He looks so assured here and Moran’s only chance now is to get a submission. Alarcon is ahead by a lot in ride time, Moran is scrambling to escape and he’s out. Moran needs a hail Mary here as he takes the back again. Alarcon escapes and wins.

Richard Alarcon wins by ride time.

Spencer Mumme vs. Pablo Alfonso

Where is Yoshida?! did I miss an announcement? Alfonso is immediately on top and attacking. Mumme is striking from the bottom, which we all know is pretty useless unless you’re Anderson Silva. Alfonso disengages and now we’re back to the feet. It’s too quiet on the feet, so they’re using the new sitdown rule. Oh, god… we got an immediate stand up again.

We’re back on the ground and Mumme is attacking with a triangle, but Alfonso’s defense is holding out. Alfonso escapes and ends up in top position, establishing himself in Mumme’s guard. This is getting a little tedious. Mumme is playing a little rubber guard, but I think we might end up going to over time again.

Round 1, Alfonso takes the back and immediately gets the body triangle. Alfonso gets 64 seconds of ride time. Mumme elects spiderweb to attack from, but it doesn’t go well and Alfonso’s out quickly.

Round 2, and Alfonso is on the back, but it doesn’t last long and Mumme escapes quickly. Mumme chooses the back this time, he needs to get the ride time and he’s going to hold on for dear life. Mumme gets about a minute of ride time so it’s all even going into round 3.

Round 3 kicks off with Alfonso taking the back and he surprises Mumme attacking the submission early. Mumme is forced to tap.

Pablo Alfonso wins rear naked choke in overtime.

Ben Eddy vs. James Barnes

I don’t see this one going to overtime. Ben Eddy is a submission machine and Barnes likes to attack too.

James Barnes jumps guard early and pulls Ben Eddy’s shorts down in the process. Ben Eddy is on top and looking to pass, but Barnes is attacking with a Mir lock. Ben escapes and we’re back to the feet. Ben ends up in closed guard and he’s looking to get to mission control, but his wrist is trapped which is limiting his attacking options. We’re in mission control and Barnes is already zombied. Ben will begin looking for his signature hindulotine, which he gets close to, but ends up switching to attempt a dead orchard.

Credit to Barnes who has thus far navigated his way through Ben’s rubberguard. Ben gets to meat hook and is now looking to set up hindulotine. Ben has it locked in, but the buzzer goes, Barnes is unconscious and Ben Eddy gets the win! What a finish!

Ben Eddy wins by hindulotine.

Nick Pace vs. Gabriel Daffron

I am excited for this one. Pace scores a takedown off an arm drag. Pace looks to pass, but Daffron scrambles to a leglock attempt. Pace escapes and gets back to his feet. Daffron hits an amazing armdrag to back take and he’s attacking hard, he has a good chance of tapping Pace. Wow Daffron gets the tap! Great performance.

Daffron wins via rear naked choke

Randy Villarreal vs. Jesus Urbina

10th Planet HQ trials winner Urbina will be looking to make a name for himself in this one and he comes out fast. Urbina secures a take down and lands some decent strikes. Villarreal is looking to attack from butterfly guard, but he can’t get anything off. Urbina jumps on a deep arm in guilotine, but Villareal reverses and passes Urbina’s guard. This one is a barn burner.

Urbina counters a takedown attempt with a guillotine and is continuing his assault from front headlock. Urbina attacks a marcellotine, but can’t get it off and Villarreal momentarily scramble to Urbina’s back before Urbina secures top position. Urbina is landing some decent strikes this has been a fun time, but we’re going to over time again.

Round 1 and Villarreal takes spiderweb, Urbina escapes instantaneously and takes the back for his turn. Urbina is controlling the upper body well with a good seat belt. Urbina has a lot of ride time here, he’s looking good in this position and Villarreal will really need to get a submission next time out.

Villarreal takes the back, but can only get about 20 seconds of control. Jesus Urbina takes spiderweb and manages to secure a quick armbar to win the match.

Jesus Urbina wins via armbar in overtime.

Hideo Tokoro vs. Ara Muradyan

Final match of the opening round and it’s an interesting one as JMMA star Tokoro is coming to try out CJJ. Tokoro attacks early with a kneebar and inside heel hook, but Muradyan defends well and ends up on top. Muradyan looks to sit back for a footlock,but Tokoro reads it and ends up on top.

Tokoro comes close with an armbar, but Muradyan just escapes and lands some good strikes. Tokoro is now in Muradyan’s guard and is landing some decent ground and pound of his own.

This match was decent, but the second half lagged a little and here we are about to start over time again.Tokoro takes the back for round 1 and gets some good ride time going, but eventually Muradyan gets out. Muradyan chooses spiderweb for offense and attacks aggressively, but Tokoro manages to escape.

Tokoro attacks from spiderweb from round 2 and takes the top leg Shinya Aoki style. Tokoro is holding on for dear life and he’s really clocking some time here. Muradyan escapes, but he’s behind by a lot of time and likely needs a sub. Muradyan chooses spiderweb again, but Tokoro is out again in just a few seconds.

Tokoro is on spiderweb again for the 3rd overtime round and is attacking aggressively. Muradyan’s arm is fully extended, but he somehow survives and escapes. It’s all down to Muradyan now he needs to submission, but he can’t get it.

Tokoro wins via quickest escape in overtime.

Quarter Finals

Nick Honstein vs. Marcelo Cohen

We’re back with a big one. Honstein has to be the favourite here. gets on top and he’s already passed to mount and he is looking amazing. Honstein is attacking from S mounts and is now raining down strikes on Cohen. Honstein honestly looks a different class here and he’s trying to set up the finish from an arm lock and he’s got it! That was quick. Honstein is through to the semis.

Nick Honstein via armbar

Richard Alarcorn vs. Pablo Alfonso

Alarcon is going to be the favourite here, but this should be a little closer than our last match.After a minute of inactivity, we’re using the get down rule, but they’re right back to the feet again. Alarcon gets the take down ends ups Alfonso’s guard. Alfonso controls posture well and tries to get to his feet. Alarcon manages to get to Alfonso’s back during the scramble and it’s game over as Alarcon immediately locks in a rear naked.

Richard Alarcon via rear naked choked

Ben Eddy vs Gabriel Daffron

Gabriel Daffron immediately jumps straight into inside sankaku and taps out Ben Eddy via heelhook.

Gabriel Daffron via heelhook

Jesus Urbina vs. Hideo Tokoro

All action from the word go here. Tokoro attempts an early flying armbar but has no success. Urbina attacks from his guard, but Tokoro scrambles to his feet. Tokoro gets it to the ground and winds up in mount. Urbina tries an explosive escape, but Tokoro catches his arm in the scramble, Urbina escapes and ends up catching a guillotine in a scramble. It’s tight. TOKORO TAPS!!

Urbina wins via guillotine

Special match Ray De Leon vs. Geoff Real

This is a rematch and Geoff Real will be looking for revenge. Real gets top position and is looking strong and neutralizing the 10th Planet standouts guard. De Leon is on top here now and is looking to advance, but Real has good over hook control. Good strikes from De Leon, but no real damage or positional advancement at present.

Real looks to get to his feet, but De Leon attacks a anaconda, but Real defend really well and we’re set for another overtime round. De Leon elects to take the back and he’s attacking well, he has a choke locked in but it’s not over the neck. Real does really well to escape the choke and scrambles to his feet. Real elects the back and locks in arm triangle in transition, but De Leon escapes quickly.

De Leon takes the back again in round 2 and the body triangle is on. De Leon is scoring some good riding time here, Real manages to stand up and shake De Leon off. Real chooses spiderweb and attacks, but De Leon escapes quite quickly.

We’re onto our final overtime round and De Leon chooses Spiderweb like we’ve seen so much tonight, there’s another quick escape. Ray De Leon gets another escape when Real choose to attack and it’s game over.

Ray De Leon wins via fastest escape

Semi Finals

Nick Honstein vs. Richard Alarcon

It’s all action from word go here with Honstein immediately looking for the takedown. Honstein gets it to the mat and immediately passes before working his way to the back. Alarcon manages to scramble to top position and he’s landing some strong strikes. Honstein sweeps into a leglock, but Alarcon defends and passes guard. Alarcon makes his way to the back of Honstein and he puts in a deep choke. It’s all over Alarcon wins via rear naked.

Richard Alarcon wins via rear naked.

Jesus Urbina vs. Gabriel Daffron

Daffron looks for a leglock entry, but Urbina is wise to it. They’re sitting the athletes down due to inactivity. Urbina looks to land strikes, but Daffron uses to momentum to work towards Urbina’s back before he manages to get both hooks in. Daffron is maintaining great back control and landing some decent strikes.

Daffron has been dominant from the back for the last 5 minutes, it looks like this one will go to overtime.Urbina takes spiderweb for the first overtime and he’s looking to maintain position, without rushing. Urbina is amazing and manages to get to tap. Daffron needs the tap, but he can’t get it.

Urbina wins via armbar in overtime

Special fight Anthony Birchak vs. Ryan Carroll

Its 4:40 AM here and I really didn’t need another superfight, but here we go. gets a beautiful single leg, but Carroll bounces back up. The match hits the mat and Carroll is looking to play the high guard. Birchak is landing some decent ground an pound. Birchack makes his way to mount and is looking for an arm triangle and it’s tight. Carroll taps. What a performance for Birchak.

Birchak wins via arm triangle


Jesus Urbina vs. Richard Alarcon

Urbina attempts a throw, but gives up his back in the process. Alarcon had one hook in until Urbina managed to create another scamble and get back to his feet again.Alarcon scores a beautiful take down and lands some strikes. Alarcon passes to side control,but Urbina scramble to his feet. After another take down Alarcon threatens with an insanely deep anaconda choke, but Urbina somehow survives.

We’re going to over time and Alarcon is attacking from the back. Alarcon is getting some good riding time here. Urbina has been so dangerous from spider web tonight that you never know if ride time alone will be enough. Alarcon get the full 2 minutes of ride time. Urbina takes spiderweb but Alarcon immediately escapes.

Round 2 and Alarcon is quite strong an relaxed on Urbina’s back. Alarcon is getting so much ride time, it really does seem like Urbina will need to get a submission on his go or it’s game over. Urbina goes for spiderweb but again Alarcon escapes quickly.

Final overtime round and Alarcon is sitting on Urbina’s back and clock more and more time.Urbina escapes and takes spider web for his go. It’s all on this for Urbina. Alarcon immediately escapes and he is the new champion!

Richard Alarcon wins by fastest escape

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