Conor McGregor and Frankie Edgar are set to fight: “White, make the bout.”

We have been speculating for over a year about Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon, and it may end up happening with Frankie Edgar. Tonight we saw a tweet exchange between the two that signals both are ready to take each other on, and McGregor vs. Edgar a potential for late 2019.

It started with a tweet by the UFC, marking Frankie Edgar’s 38th birthday:

Then McGregor responded with a “Happy birthday” to Edgar, adding somewhat cryptically “see you in December.” This could mean pretty much anything, but could this be the return McGregor has hinted at previously?

Edgar, ever polite when it comes to the subject of Conor McGregor, responded with a “thanks pal”, telling him further that he and Dana White should “make it happen.”

Then the most interesting tweet followed, where McGregor agreed to a fight with Edgar and told Dana White to “make the bout”, adding that he would give his purse to charity.

If they do end up fighting, it will be interesting to see which weight the two will agree to. Edgar has fought recently at featherweight but after his loss to Max Holloway, his manager stated in August that he would be moving down to bantamweight. However, Edgar recently stated he will fight McGregor “at any weight“.

McGregor has not fought professionally in over a year, last losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

For his part, McGregor appears to be keeping up with his training, posting this photo on Instagram yesterday:

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Stay strong. Stay sharp. Stay ready.

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Could McGregor versus Edgar be the return we have been speculating for over a year? We will see if Dana White “makes it happen”.

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