Cyborg Heel-Hooks Duarte: BJJ Bet

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu proved that ankle locks are nothing new by finishing the 2019 ADCC champ Kaynan Duarte with an inside heel hook. The match was the main event for BJJ Bet. The show had a rocky start with a crashed site in the beginning, but ran smoothly afterward (despite its lengthy pre- and post-match interviews.)

Abreu has been on the Jiu Jitsu scene for a while. He won ADCC back in 2013 and is a multiple IBJJF champ. But he had his work cut out for him against Duarte who is 18 years younger. Duarte won both ADCC and IBJJF titles in 2019 (though was later stripped from the IBJJF title for PED use.)

We saw a game plan by Duarte that is modern. ‘Use a butterfly guard and wrist control to elevate your opponent and look for leg entanglements.’ His entries looked fresh. Using inversions and threatening leg attacks from bottom, he had Abreu constantly defending. But “Cyborg” showed successful defense and re-attacks. Here’s how it went down.

Abreu patiently stalked Duarte. Duarte pulled guard and after a few seconds the ref gave him a warning for stalling and reset the two on their feet in the center. Duarte grabbed a single leg and attempted a takedown, but Abreu kept his composure and escaped.

The two circled and Duarte pulled to an open guard again against a standing Abreu. Using a butterfly guard, Duarte fought to get under Abreu, who dropped to his knees to prevent this from happening. Duarte gained wrist control and elevated Abreu, then attacked with a single leg x. Abreu cautiously fought against it and eventually cleared the legs and reset to his feet while Duarte stayed in a seated guard.

A similar series of positions played out again and it was clear that Duarte was looking for a leg entanglement. Eventually, Duarte was back underneath working single leg x and x-guard. With a few attempts at locking in a saddle position from false x-guard, Duarte finally found the leg entanglement he was looking for. He locked in a 50/50 guard that forced Abreu to the mat. However, in  a turn of events it was Abreu who untangled Duarte’s lock and finished almost immediately with an inside heel hook of his own.

Abreu was clearly emotional from the victory. He dropped to his knees screaming, then was swarmed by his team who hugged him and chanted in unison. It was an exciting match that ended in dramatic fashion. 

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