Dave Mustaine Promoted to BJJ Brown Belt

On October 7th, Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of heavy metal band, Megadeth was awarded his BJJ brown belt from Reginaldo Almeida at Gracie Barra Spring Hill.

4th Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Almeida also promoted Mustaine to both blue and purple belt, with the 61-year-old guitarist receiving his purple belt in January 2021.

Almeida shared the good news by posting a video of him tying Mustaine’s new brown belt around his waist, and a picture of him with the rocker on Instagram which is captioned:

“Congratulations @davemustaine,” he wrote. “All of us know how hard is to stay focus and work towards our goals. But with small and steady paces we will get there ! One step closer ! #brownbelt #backstagebjj #ontheroad #bjj #graciebarra #iamgbsh #iamgbctn #megadeth #metal #guitar #music”.

Mustaine also posted the same picture, captioned:

“Behind every mountain is more mountains.”

A longtime public advocate for martial arts, Mustaine also holds black belts in Ukidokan Karate, Songhai Taekwondo, and with the World Taekwondo Federation.

Mustaine was recently fighting throat cancer, and throughout it all, has pushed through, and done some pretty incredible things this past 12 months. After announcing he was cancer-free, the 61-year-old rocker earned his purple belt, followed by his brown belt, released a new album called ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!’ and has been training alongside a tight tour schedule with headlining band Five Finger Death Punch – which is pretty remarkable!

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