Derek from ‘More Plates More Dates’ deems Nick Rodriguez a natural athlete

Nick Rodriguez recently took a blood test, and Derek from “More Plates More Dates” came to the conclusion that he is a steroid-free competitor.

In February, the animosity between former Danaher Death Squad teammates Nick Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan came to a head, with Rodriguez criticizing Ryan for his relatively transparent steroid use. Ryan, in turn, alleged that Rodriguez is not a clean athlete himself, referring to him as “Nicky Fraud.”

Before long, Derek from the popular YouTube channel “More Plates More Dates” entered the fray. Widely regarded as an authority on steroids and PEDs, Derek offered to pay for an “impromptu” blood test to determine if Rodriguez is in fact a clean athlete. Rodriguez agreed and was tested the following morning.

On Monday, the “More Plates More Dates” channel released a full analysis of Rodriguez’s blood test and came to the conclusion that the two-time ADCC silver medalist is steroid and PED-free, and likely has been for years.

Notably, Derek concludes, based on the data, that Rodriguez was almost certainly clean when he competed against Ryan last December at the UFC  Fight Pass Invitational 3.

Check out the full video below.

“What we can say for near certain is that Within a reasonable time frame the guy has not used s***. I would say there’s a certainly pretty good chance that the guy has been natural for a while, if not years. It’s pretty night and day when you see guys who have no holds barred access to using gear to compete at a high level and then what happens to their physique thereafter if they pull it out entirely, like there’s a dramatic difference.

“I would say that at this time he is natty and he has been for a decent period of time.”

“I do think that he is natural now. I also do think that he was probably natural within a reasonable time frame previously. So what is the probability he would have not been on gear when he’s competing against Gordon but then at ADCC he was on gear? I would say low, for sure… I would imagine he was probably natural during the competition with Gordon in December.”

Not long after Rodriguez took the blood test, he filled in for Ryan on short notice to take on Felipe Pena in a 30-minute submission-only match at Who’s Number One, losing a close decision to the 2017 ADCC absolute champion.

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