Dillon Danis And Ryan Garcia Agree To Fight Over Instagram Live

The beef between BJJ black belt Dillon Danis and boxing superstar Ryan Garcia continues to escalate. In a recent Instagram live video, Danis and Garcia traded trash talk and talked about the specifics of a potential fight. To be clear, no fight of any kind is yet booked, but both parties seem willing under either a boxing or MMA ruleset.

Of course, both Garcia and Danis are confident in their chances against each other in both boxing and MMA. In boxing, Danis asserts Garcia wouldn’t knock him out. And in MMA, Garcia says he’d simply train to defend the takedown and knock Danis out on the feet.


“Even if it wasn’t a takedown, I’d spin into a leg lock so fast,” retorted Danis.

“You can do a cartwheel, you can do a backflip, you can do whatever you can, I’ll have a defense for it,” Garcia said.

Whether the fight ever happens or not, both men have at least explicitly shown interest in fighting each other.

“I’m down to do it. Send me a contract. Let’s do it,” said Danis.

Ever the promoter, Garcia is even looking beyond Danis for a potential match-up with MMA’s biggest superstar, Conor McGregor. Danis is a long-time training partner and grappling coach to McGregor, and Garcia believes that a win over Danis could entice McGregor to fight.

“If I beat you in MMA… can you work on, ‘Hey, Conor. Ryan beat me, you gotta finish him.’ Let’s get that work.”

Easily one of boxing’s biggest young stars, Garcia is undefeated as a professional and the current WBC interim lightweight champion. He last competed on January 2, 2021, scoring a knockout over Luke Campbell.

Danis is a black belt under Marcelo Garcia, although he is no longer affiliated with that team. In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he is an IBJJ Pans no-gi weight class and absolute champion. For the past couple of years, Danis has focused his competitive efforts on MMA, where he has a 2-0 record with two first-round submission wins.

Ben Coate

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