Eddie Cummings is coming back at F2W 108

I love Eddie Cummings. Cummings is my favourite grappler to watch and I have always been captivated with his game-planning and strategy.

For an elite grappler to approach each match with a one track plan to attack the legs is ludicrous, but Cummings’ success rate has been phenomenal throughout his career and without him, the leglock meta as we know it today wouldn’t exist.

Cummings’ career has been plighted by his late entry into the sport of jiu jitsu and a spate of serious injuries, but the heel hook impresario is stepping back on the mats at Fight 2 Win 108 in Philadelphia,where he will be vying for the featherweight title against William Wolk.

In Eddie Cummings’ last outing he defeated Renato Canuto and proved he can hang with the best, but Wolk provides an interesting opponent. While Wolk isn’t the most decorated opponent Cummings has faced, he is regular competitor and a strong black belt with the ability to test if Cummings had improved since joining Unity.

All going well, there’s still hope that we might see Cummings get a late invite to ADCC.

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