ENYO 2 Full Line-Up: The UK’s All-Women Pro Sub Only Grappling Show

This Saturday, Feb 25th Enyo Grappling are back in Southampton, England for their second show. The event will be held at Southampton Central Hall and will begin at 4:30pm GMT (buy tickets here). There will be 20 matches of 40 tough women from blue to black belt, with a mix of the matches being both Gi and No-Gi upholding the Grapplefest submission only ruleset.

ENYO ran an exceptional first show back in February (you can watch here) which led to a second show six months later. Their debut event made history as it was the first ever all women professional submission grappling show in the UK, which gained exposure from huge British news outlets like ITV and BBC.


Although it is only their second show, ENYO 2 have some incredibly high-level athletes from all over the world on the card; some of whom have podiumed at the European and Worlds Gi and No-Gi 2023 championships such as black belt Gabi Schuck who recently won 3rd place in the Gi at the Europeans, and Ashley Bendle who won third place at the Europeans in the Gi and third place at the World No-Gi Championships which were her first two major tournaments at black belt. Bendle’s opponent Sophia Cassella is also a x4 Pan Am Champion and is known for scoring the fastest submission in a women’s match on Who’s Number One (35 seconds), which should make for a face-paced high-action matchup between the two.


The adult matches are all 10 minutes and the kids are all 5 minutes. Submission only, if no submission it will go down to the number of submission attempts, then if there are no submission attempts from either side the scoring will go based on takedowns and positional dominance. The ruleset will be the GrappleFest ruleset which basically means anything goes other than fish hooking, eye-gouging and oil checks. Except the Gi matches won’t have heel hooks and no knee reaping either. The kids will be following the IBJJF rule set.

To stream ENYO 2, you can pay for the PPV on FightworldTV.

Match Order

Blue belts and kids matches are on the prelims and purple belts and above are on the main card.

Early Prelims/ Dark Matches

Lara Thomas vs Summer Bodenham
Rachel Hussey vs Ashlyn Mascarenhas
Mya Collins vs Tara-Louise Hay
Ruby Reid vs Grace Webb


Skyler Stewart vs Kady McNelly
Malli Costa vs Amy Kplomedo
Robyn Lucas vs Chloe Gowen
Lois Marsh vs Lucie Maximo
Lana Corina vs Aoife Mchugh

Main Card

Emily Szymanska vs Tegan Jane
Angelika Glapiak vs Catherine Dixon
Heather Molinari vs Bia Fernandes
Francesca Lana vs Meg He
Georgia Doe vs Kristen Walsh
Gamila Kanew vs Amanda Pamela-Nicole
Hayley Carter Vs Danielle Tighe
Emma Pursey vs Hayley Valentine
Fiona Middleton vs Rebecca Gu
Gabrielle Schuck vs Violet Bennett
Ashley Bendle vs Sophia Cassella

For further information and updates, follow their Instagram page: @enyograppling

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