Erberth Santos Already Out of Mikey Musumeci Challenge

Erberth Santos was originally more than happy to take on the Mikey Musumeci $10,000 challenge but he’s apparently now decided that he wants no part of it. Well, that didn’t take long at all. Around 24 hours after the match seemed like a done deal, Santos has pulled out and Musumeci is back to looking for a new opponent who’s willing to wager $10,000 of their own money against him, regardless of what weight-class they might fight at.

Caio Terra is not just coach, training partner and friend to Mikey Musumeci but he was also the one to initially propose the $10,000 challenge. It wasn’t just born out of blind confidence in his protege though, as Musumeci recently had a fantastic showing in the Absolute division of the IBJJF European Championships 2020.

This news comes after a pretty difficult time for Santos after he was a crucial part of a huge brawl at a BJJ Stars event early in the year. Shortly after, he was at fault for a highly controversial finish at the Spyder Invitational after appearing to give up halfway through a match against Nicholas Meregali. Ironically, the last time Erberth Santos pulled out of an event was a scheduled match against Gordon Ryan at Third Coast Grappling 3. When the king got wind of Erberth apparently taking on Mikey Musumeci, he got out his crystal ball and did a better job of predicting the future than most psychics:

erberth santos out of mikey musumeci challenge

Mikey Musumeci is now looking for another taker for the challenge and we wish him the best of luck in setting up a blockbuster match and getting that $10,000!

Alex Lindsey

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