Euros 2020: 3 Things To Look Out For On The Final Day

As we arrive on the final day of the IBJJF Euros 2020, there are a number of storylines just waiting to be wrapped up and several brackets well worth watching. Here we’ll go through the three biggest moments to look out for today.

Can Ffion Davies Win Double Gold?

Ffion Davies put on an incredible display yesterday as she stormed all the way to the final of the Openweight division, waiting for her is Jessica Flowers who competes at Super-Heavyweight normally. This will most likely be Davies’ toughest test of the tournament as she cruised through her first two matches in her own weight class as well. Now she’s met in that final by Charlotte Von Baumgarten, who she already beat at Openweight.

This should signal that Davies is all but guaranteed gold in her own weight-class and although the match will be difficult, she’s not exactly the underdog against the bigger woman at Openweight either. 2020 could see Ffion Davies become the first British person to win double gold at the Euros and make history for the second time in only two years at black belt.

Mikey Musumeci In A Fair Fight

Yesterday saw the biggest weight difference of any matches at this years European Championships as Musumeci took on Seif Eddine-Houmine in the Openweight division. Despite giving up nearly 100kg in weight to the bigger man, Musumeci came away with the win and beat a bigger man for the second time that day. Sadly, he couldn’t make it three and went out to Super-Heavyweight, Mahamed Aly in the Quarter-Finals.

This is nothing to be ashamed of however, at Musumeci’s size beating even one of the elite competitors who outweigh him by so much is incredible. Today we’ll get to see Musumeci in his element though as he takes on Suraj Budhram in his first match at Light-Featherweight. His division has some killers in it, but he was the favorite to take home the gold even before seeing what he can do against bigger men.

The Europeans Are Here

Despite the tournaments name, most divisions aren’t ever really won by Europeans thanks to the sport being in it’s relative infancy there. This year could mark a big change in that however as several elite Europeans are still in with a good chance. At Medium-Heavyweight we’ve got a good chance of getting two European medalists as both Santeri Lilius and Jakub Zajkowski looked great yesterday.

The same situation occurs at Middleweight with Tommy Langaker looking like a potential gold medalist yesterday and Max Lindblad on the opposite side of the bracket. Adam Wardzinski is only one win away from a medal at Heavyweight, although after Keenan Cornelius’ performance yesterday, gold seems a little out of reach in any division the Worm-King is in.

Brackets for every age and belt category for the IBJJF European Championships 2020 can be found on the IBJJF website here.

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