F2W 182 Video: Dante Leon Taps Davi Ramos With One Second Remaining

On Saturday at Fight To Win 182, Dante Leon submitted his entry for one of the best submissions of the year. In what was one of the biggest wins of his career, Leon was able to submit ADCC champion Davi Ramos with only one second left in the match. Watch video of that match and the finish below.

Up until the final few seconds of the match, neither grappler was able to land any serious submission threats or strong positional advantages. Rather, for the vast majority of the match, Leon attacked from his back, using a knee shield to prevent Ramos from passing while attempting to get under Ramos to create a leg entanglement. What resulted was a stalemate for minutes on end, with neither competitor able to gain any momentum.

But with just a few seconds remaining, as Leon inverted from reverse de la riva guard, Ramos jumped over to try to attack a kneebar. That submission attempt would be Ramos’ undoing, as Leon quickly took Ramos’ back and sunk in a literal last-second rear-naked choke for the victory.

A 2019 IBJJF no-gi world champion, Leon last competed on the Fight To Win stage at Fight To Win 164 when he lost to Manuel Ribamar. Leon is scheduled to compete next at the Who’s Number One championships on September 25-26.

Ramos is a UFC veteran and 2015 ADCC world champion. Although he has competed in jiu-jitsu infrequently over the past few years, the loss to Leon extends Ramos’ current skid to four consecutive matches lost.

Ben Coate

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