Fight2Win 150 Results: Barral, Andre Win

It’s hard to believe Fight2Win just had its 150th event. ADCC and IBJJF 5-time world champion Romulo Barral was in the main event of a card littered with decisions. Read on for the recap and see if our predictions and that of Jake Shields‘ held true.

Barral def Tanner Rice

This was a match of one sweep, standing grip-fights and takedown attempts. When Barral heard someone say six minutes, he showed a sense of urgency and switched positions to eventually set up a modified X-guard sweep. However, no points are awarded in F2W submission-only super-fights. He went to work immediately on his patented knee-cut passing. His first and only attempt allowed Rice to get up, leading both to the edge of the raised stage. They were reset mat-center where more grip- and hand-fighting ensued. After an accidental eye poke, they fist-bumped in a display of sportsmanship. Guard-pulling and takedown attempts continued until the last second. Barral won by split decision.

Romulo Barral wins a split decision over Tanner Rice.
Referee’s decision in Barral vs Rice

In his post-match interview, Barral said: “I’m sorry, that was a very bad match… no excuse but… I don’t think this was a win. I think it should be a draw, whatever, but it is what it is. Maybe I have to compete a little bit more. Sorry for the disappointment of a bad match.”

Romulo Barral gives a post match interview.
Barral’s post-match interview

Marcio André def Ronaldo Junior

The black belt freshman Ronaldo Junior lost to the lighter, but more experienced Marcio André in a controversial referees’ decision. André, ranked #5 black belt at welterweight, was declared the winner, although Souza Junior seemed to be more active and dominant. The latter, ranked #6 black belt at middleweight, passed the former’s guard multiple times and pressed the action for most of the match from top and from his guard.

Marcio André is awarded a split decision victory over Ronaldo Junior.

Other results

Andrew Tackett def Orlando Castillo vs Andrew Tackett (Referees’ Decision)
Joe Baize def Joe Dierkhising (Referees’ Decision)
Javier Gomez def Lucas Lima (Referees’ Decision)
John Combs def Ruben Rivera (Kimura)
Kody Steele def David Garmo (Split Referees’ Decision)

John Combs’ kimura submission of Ruben Rivera.
The only submission of the main superfights: John Combs’ Kimura

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