Favorites and contenders: Previewing 60 kg. at the 2022 ADCC World Championships

The 2022 ADCC World Championships take place on September 17-18, live from Las Vegas, NV. Ahead of the big tournament, Grappling Insider will be previewing each division. Read a preview of the men’s 66 kg. division here, the 77 kg. division here, the 88 kg. division here, the 99 kg. division here, and the 99+ kg. division here.

With just eight competitors total, the women’s 60 kg. division at the 2022 ADCC World Championships is tightly packed with elite talent. And even though returning champion Bianca Basilio will be favored, that doesn’t mean any other woman in the bracket couldn’t upset her.

The division includes a wide variety of grapplers, from the undersized technician in Mayssa Bastos, to the physically imposing Brianna Ste-Marie, to the relentlessly-attacking Ffion Davies. In short, the women’s 60 kg. division is quietly one of the most interesting brackets of the entire event.

Below is a look at the division’s favorite, contenders, and dark horse. First, let’s look at the division as a whole.

Women’s 60 kg.

The Favorite: Bianca Basilio

Returning champion Basilio is favored to win the division for good reason: her 2019 run included wins over fellow divisional competitors Elvira Karppinen and Ffion Davies. Both physically imposing and a technical master, Basilio can do it all, including both wrestling and guard play.

It’s no secret that Basilio will look to use her dangerous leg lock game this weekend (she submitted Davies with a brutal toehold in the final of the 2019 ADCC World Championships). But whether she is able to implement that game remains to be seen, as other competitors have surely scouted and game-planned specifically for Basilio.

The Contenders: Brianna Ste-Marie, Ffion Davies, Bia Mesquita

Realistically, few fans would be shocked if any one of these competitors captured ADCC gold this weekend. East and West Coast Trials winner Brianna Ste-Marie, still less than a year into her black belt career, seems to have a game that is tailor-made for ADCC competition. She is an excellent wrestler that uses her physicality well on the feet and shows phenomenal positional control on the mat.

Similarly, Ffion Davies’ style of grappling fits the ADCC rule set. Training out of JT Torres’ Essential BJJ for this camp, Davies has top-tier judo takedowns and brings endless, attacking pressure. Her submission win over Bia Mesquita at the 2019 ADCC World Championships remains one of the most dramatic ADCC moments in recent memory.

It would be unwise to count out 2017 ADCC champ Bia Mesquita, who is widely considered one of the best female BJJ competitors ever. Despite her loss to Davies in 2019, Mesquita has looked sharp over the past few years and she remains a real threat this weekend.

Dark Horse: Mayssa Bastos

Mayssa Bastos is one of, if not the best pound-for-pound female grappler in the world. So why is the South American Trials winner considered a dark horse and not a favorite? Bastos typically competes at 49 kg. — a full 24 pounds lighter than her ADCC division.

Size and physicality matter, particularly under the ADCC rule set. Bastos, with her incredible guard and technical acumen, will put that idea to the test, as she will put her skill up against significantly larger and stronger opponents.

Still, the Unity Jiu-Jitsu representative has the ability to make it to the podium if not win gold, despite her size disadvantage.

How to watch: The 2022 ADCC World Championships take place on September 17-18 and will air live on FloGrappling (subscription required).

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