Fight 2 Win 133: AJ Agazarm v Ary Farias Preview

Fight 2 Win 133 is coming to Fresno, California on December 7th as it goes head-to-head with a much younger American grappling promotion, Third Coast Grappling. While 3CG3 brings us Gordon Ryan v Bo Nickal under modified rules, Fight 2 Win is also headlined by one of the more polarizing figures in professional BJJ.

That’s right, AJ Agazarm is back. He makes his return to professional grappling at the end of what has been a pretty mixed year for Agazarm. He started by making his MMA debut in less than stellar fashion before showing his legitimate BJJ skills in his second fight with a quick finish. Then he was forced to pull out of this year’s ADCC, followed up by his return to the Bellator cage where he finished he year 2-1 in a lacklustre decision victory.

Agazarm could use a slick victory over Ary Farias at Fight 2 Win 133 to end his year on a high, before making a run towards a Bellator title in 2020 and ADCC 2021. But Farias is no easy opponent, he’s a two-time world champion who holds victories over Joao Miyao and recent Polaris champ-champ, Ashley Williams.

Farias has been out of the competitive scene for the entire of 2019 though and this is a tough match to return to. Despite his troubles this year, Agazarm should outwork Farias and finish the year strong. Further down the card, Joao Mendes and Lucas Pinheiro are also competing in what promises to be a stacked event. Full card below.

Fight 2 Win 133 Main Card

155lbs Black Belt NOGi
AJ Agazarm (Gracie Barra) vs Ary Farias (ATOS)
Masters Middle Black Belt Gi Title
Tom Knox (Elite Team) vs Andre Maneco Leite (Soul Fighters)
155lbs Black Belt NOGI Title
Samir Chantre (Ares BJJ) vs Lucas Pinheiro (ATOS)
170lbs Black Belt NOGI
Angel Lopez (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Marcos A De La Cruz (Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu)
190lbs Black Belt GI
Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) vs Manuel Ribamar (RPBJJ)
145lbs Black Belt NOGI
Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) vs Hiago George (Cicero Costha )
Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi
RJ Paulson (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Albert Aguirre (Combat Base)
Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi
Frank Ruiz (Tinguinha BJJ) vs Ricardo Barros (Ricardo Barros BJJ)
205lbs Black Belt NOGI Match
Eduardo Crema (Pacific Martial Arts) vs Daniel Ripper (Lamorinda Jiu-Jitsu)
195lbs Black Belt Gi
Bobby Davidson (Elite Team) vs Victor Cervantes (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu)
175lbs Black Belt Gi
Tiago Rocha (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu) vs Vini Nunes (Ralph Gracie)
145lbs Black Belt Gi
Cole Franson (Tinguinha BJJ) vs Joao Mendes (Atos)
140lbs Black Belt Gi
Cliff Sabroe (Elite Team) vs Javier Gomez (Ares)


145lbs Brown Belt NOGi Title
Joshua Cisneros (Elite Team) vs Keith Krikorian (10th Planet)
185lbs Purple Belt NOGI Title
Matthew Cox (10th Planet) vs Spencer Jeha (Team Santos)
230lbs Brown Belt Gi
Shawn Fabits vs PJ Montano (CSW)
210lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jerod Huber (Halo BJJ) vs Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie)
200lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jeremy Brandon Marroquin (Piranha Jiu-Jitsu) vs Luke Ljuba (Halo)
190lbs Brown Belt Gi
Joe Fabits (Halo BJJ) vs Jacob Severin (Turtle Army)
190lbs Brown Belt Gi
Henry Badillo (CheckMat Fresno Roots BJJ) vs Dennis Brown (Combat Base)
175lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Marty Robles (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu) vs Brady Wicklund (NorCal Fighting Alliance)
160lbs NOGI
Anthony Muia (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Andrew Savala (Pacific Martial Arts)
140lbs Brown Belt Gi
Daniel Aisaka (Elite Team) vs Ray Yescas (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
Super Heavy Weight NOGI
Tyler Steelman (Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Jaime Martinez (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
225lbs Purple Belt Gi
Danny Castro (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Patrick Peterson (Elite Team)
200lbs Purple Belt Gi
Chris Curtis (Behring Last Stand) vs Robert Ackerman (Pacific Martial Arts)
195lbs Purple Belt Gi
Dustin Cotta (Elite Team) vs Daniel Manriques (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
185lbs Purple Belt Gi
Nathan Loeffer (Elite Team) vs Dylan Dakin (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
175lbs Purple Belt Gi
Michael Craddock (Combat Base) vs Jorge Tapia (Pacific Martial Arts)
170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Pete Espinosa (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Shawn Griswold (Carlson Gracie)
145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Amer Rousan (Elite Team) vs Daniel Cavazos (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Eric Ceballos (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Michael Howard (Cordero BJJ)
275lbs NOGi Match
Vincent Trevenio (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Kail Melton (7th Generation)
Heavy Weight NOGI
Bernardino cruz (New Wave MMA) vs Jonathen Zamora (Halo Jiu-Jitsu)
220lbs NOGI Match
Nikko Reyes (Pacific Martial Arts) vs Fernando Cruz (New Wave MMA)
190lbs NOGI Match
Shivam Patel (Elite Team) vs Gabriel Vasquez (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu)
165lbs NOGI Match
Robert Breuer (Halo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Armando Espinoza (Trifecta MMA)
160lbs NOGI Match
Gregory Lara (Pacific Martial Arts) vs Sean Patrick Hamilton (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu)
155lbs NOGI Match
Daniel Caudillo (Royce Gracie) vs Sammy Reyes (Rivalry Jiu-Jitsu)
135lbs NOGI Match
Krystal Padilla (/Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu) vs Kelsey Harrell (Checkmat)
Teen Bantam Weight Blue Belt Title
Jacob Cisneros (Elite Team) vs Marco Mendes (Ares)
70lbs Yellow Belt Gi
Sierra Fahn (Outliers) vs Kayliegh Fernandez (Elite Team)

For tickets to the live event in Fresno, California, click here.

Also, for our BJJ practitioners, Keenan’s Lapel Guard deal has been extended past Black Friday.

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