Fight 2 Win 134: Benson Henderson v Marcio Andre Full Results & Review

After a fantastic 2019, Fight 2 Win was back with a bang for their first event of the year. Fight 2 Win 134 went off without a hitch and culminated in a main event that left fans more than satisfied. Former WEC and UFC champion, Benson Henderson, took on IBJJF World & European champion, Marcio Andre. Henderson is known for a fast-paced and wrestling-heavy style that has translated really well from MMA into sport Jiu-Jitsu but Andre proved to be too good for him to cope with.

Andre showed incredible offensive BJJ by pulling guard almost immediately and working on several different submission attempts. Credit to Henderson, he worked hard and escaped each and every submission that was thrown at him. The first half of the match was comfortably in Andre’s favor as his constant offense left little room for Henderson to mount any meaningful attacks of his own.

The second half of the match was a little more even as Henderson started to get into his groove and make a few attempts at an Ankle Lock himself. This wasn’t enough to keep Andre at bay however, as he escaped and resumed his relentless attacking pressure. In the end, while he was unable to submit Henderson, Andre’s constant offense proved more than enough to net him the Decision victory in the main event.

Full results below.

Fight 2 Win 134 Full Results

Black Belt Results

Marcio Andre defeats Benson Henderson via Decision
Karen Antunes defeats Talita Alencar via Split Decision (Reclaims F2W Flyweight Title)
Andrew Gardineer defeats Jose Munoz via Decision
Doug Moore submits Alex Martinez via Kimura
Gerson Taitingfong Atoigue defeats Ron Henderson via Decision
Josh Guerra submits Stephen Hall via Foot Lock
Víctor Emanuel submits Dom Hoskins via Cloverleaf
Jake Watson defeats Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira via Decision
Radji Bryson-Barrett defeats John Cabay via Split Decision (Becomes F2W Masters+ Light-Heavyweight Champion)
Daniel Hampton submits Carlos Souza via Choke
Brenda Heller submits Nivian Oliveira via Foot Lock
Gabriel Revorêdo submits Evan Gongora via Foot Lock
Aaron Wilson submits Joe Murphy via Rear Naked Choke
João Pedro Soeiro defeats Jonathan Van Buren via Decision
Matthew Mamolen defeats Evan Gongora via Decision
Charlie Swanton defeats Mike J. Burlaka via Decision
Javier Torres defeats Tim Welch split via Decision

Brown Belt Results

Erik Anderson submits Sergio Esquivel via Armbar
Michael Currier submits Kevin Duran via Ankle Lock
Thiago Aso submits Scott Hoddick via Armbar
Hygor Beck submits Colin Baxter via Armbar
Michael Cashman submits Joel Velazquez via Toe Hold
Alex Horsman defeats Jose M F Suarez via Decision
John T Burns defeats Daniel Allen via Decision
Johnathan Rodrigues defeats Korey Kerber via Split Decision
Lucas Norat defeats Israel Aquino via Decision
Maria Henderson defeats Karla Shellhammer via Split Decision

Purple Belt Results

Oscar De Los Santos defeats William Carvalho (Becomes F2W Welterweight Nogi Champion)
Sean Klicka submits Keith Trujillo via Guillotine
Hassan Majed defeats Zacharah O’Malley via Decision
Serena Myers submits Mina Burnside via Bow & Arrow Choke
Jonny Tran submits Rolando Collantes via Triangle
Stevie Maultsby submits Robert Graham via Armbar
Greg Mooney submits Sergio Camacho via Heel Hook
Nolan Hyland submits Joe McClellan via North-South Choke
Josh Schwartz defeats Patrick O’Sullivan via Decision
Brad Jacobson defeats Alex Benikov via Split Decision

Teens Results

Joseph Cruz submits Bryce Smith Choke (Retains F2W Bantamweight Title)
Gabriel Fuentes submits Lukas Varela via Guillotine
Vanessa Aguirre submits Jessica Birk via Triangle Armbar
Analicia Kirk submits Ivana Odle via Choke
Luis Varela Jr. defeats Deshawn Newman via Decision
Lola Hunt defeats LLesenia Ochoa via Decision
Tyler Metcalf defeats Kenji Azarias via Decision

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