Fight 2 Win 135: Nick Rodriguez v Victor Hugo Full Results

Fight 2 Win 135 took place in Sacramento, California and delivered on the promise of a night packed with high-level grappling action. The headline bout saw the first match of the year for fan-favorite, Nick Rodriguez, as he took on 2019 IBJJF Absolute World Champion, Victor Hugo. This was the first of many fight night events booked for Rodriguez as he competes on Submission Underground 11 and Third Coast Grappling 4 in the coming months.

After a stellar performance at ADCC 2019, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Rodriguez could handle Victor Hugo in Sacramento. Hugo was content to sit to his back at the start of the match and allow Rodriguez to attempt to pass from his feet. After several knee-slice attempts, Rodriguez went to his knees to work his passing game from there but this allowed Hugo to move to full guard and attempt a Kimura and leglock entry from there.

Victor Hugo was playing it very smart, refusing to stand with the wrestler and countering every pass attempt with a submission, forcing Rodriguez to disengage in order to escape. Rodriguez attempted a beautiful jumping cartwheel pass but Hugo saw it coming and retained guard expertly, he was shutting down any pass that Rodriguez could throw at him. Hugo had a decent armbar attempt from full guard, but Rodriguez was able to work out of it and return to safety again.

Frustrated by being unable to pass, Rodriguez sat back for a heel hook with only half a minute left but Hugo was able to clear the knee line immediately and escaped comfortably as the match ended. The judges seemed to give the fight to Hugo based on his activity from guard and the submission threats that forced Rodriguez to disengage frequently.

Fight 2 Win 135 Full Results

Victor Hugo defeats Nick Rodriguez by Decision.
Jake Watson defeats Ronaldo Junior by Decision.
Elizabeth Katherine Mitrović defeats Talita Nogueira by Split Decision.
Jason Butcher defeats Richard Flores by Triangle Armbar (SOTN).
Leandro Castroviejo defeats Tobin Staley by Decision.
Thomas Haley defeats Dahas Neto by Decision.
Breno Bittencourt defeats Chad Bingham by Decision.
Antione Green-gibson defeats Jordan Felix by Decision.
Manny Rocha defeats Tom Steele by Kneebar.
Victor Hugo Cervantes defeats Cleidson Ramos by Decision.
Marcus Boness defeats Angel Lopez by Decision (FOTN).
Chad George defeats Manny Moreno by Heel Hook

Brown Belt Matches

Fabricio Silva defeats Mikey Hothi by Armbar.
Becomes Brown Belt Middle Weight Champ.
Heather Woods defeats Joy Pendell by Decision (FOTN).
Becomes Brown Belt Light Weight Champ.
Sean Joseph defeats Billy English by Decision.
Amir Kazemi defeats Corbin Bilund by Split Decision.
Courtney Dubois defeats Julia Balmante by Split Decision.
Erick Sanchez defeats Jacob Pupo by Decision.
Nick Pica defeats David Ellis by Armbar.
Daniel Wuerthner defeats Ronald Hernadnez by Omoplata (SOTN).
Joey Taylor defeats Damien Gonzales by Decision.
Richie Storelee defeats Ian Johnson by Decision.
Chance Soltero defeats Kevin Schnepp by Decision
Vince Barbosa defeats Brandon Alexander by Heel Hook.

Purple Belt Matches

Carson Streicher defeats Andrew Be by Triangle Armbar.
John Taylor defeats Leonard Miller by Choke.
Bryce Sexton defeats Abraham Rogers by Toe Hold.
Eddie Hoch defeats Lucas Crawford by Decision.
Jazz Ogilvie defeats Travis Hawley by Decision.
Antonio Cumerlato defeats Kaleio Romero by Split Decision (FOTN).
Alika Foster defeats Colin Savage by Decision.
Derek Gehrer defeats Aaron Goodwin by Armbar.
Manny Mendoza defeats Ben Smith by Choke.
Brooke Mayo defeats Stacey Councilman by Decision.

Blue Belt Matches

Chris Wagner defeats Celso Arevalos by Kimura.
Maritza Sanchez defeats Kelsey Harrell by Armbar.
Jamie Carnall defeats Jarel Askew by Decision.
Louis Accaria defeats Daniel Munoz by Split Decision.
Lynn Le defeats Rachel Sedillos By Split Decision (FOTN).
Scott McFarland defeats Geordan Kenner by Decision.
Hung Nguyen defeats JC Danna by Split Decision.
Behruz Nazari defeats Ryan Williams by Heel Hook.

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