Fight 2 Win 136: Kaynan Duarte v Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira Preview

Fight 2 Win 136 comes to San Diego on 15th February and brings a stacked card, toppe by Kaynan Duarte v Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira. While Duarte has been in the news recently for failing a post-tournament drugs test and being banned from IBJJF events, he is still eligible to compete under any other promotion, including Fight 2 Win.

Kaynan has built up a lot of steam over the last year or two, he won gold at ADCC 2019 in a solid performance and wrapped up the end of 2019 by putting a Gi back on and winning the Spyder Invitational and $100,000. His opponent, while only recently being awarded his black belt has already made waves on the professional grappling circuit. Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira started out by beating Keenan Cornelius to take gold at the No-Gi Pan-Ams last year and then finished 2019 on a high note by taking gold at The No-Gi World Championships.

This will be a difficult matchup for both men but Duarte has looked absolutely unstoppable over the last year or so and should have a slight weight advantage over Trator as well. This could be what edges the fight in Duarte’s favor. Before the main event, some world-class grapplers are competing like the legendary Baret Yoshida, Edwin Najmi, Johnny Tama, Miha Perhavec and Jesse Taylor.

Fight 2 Win 136 Full Card

Black Belt Matches

Kaynan Duarte vs Vinicius Ferriera – Heavy Weight NOGI Title
Gabbi Mccomb vs Jena Bishop – 135lbs Gi Title
Johnny Tama vs Edwin Najmi – 170lbs Gi
Piter Frank vs Michael Liera jr – 170lbs Gi
Baret Yoshida vs Kory Paredes – 145lbs Gi
Matt Palupelelei vs Hyaderson Picanco – Super Heavyweight Gi
Orlando Coronel vs Rodrigo Munduruca – Super Heavyweight Gi
Dustin Peek vs Seth Daniels – 220lbs Gi
Andy Burke vs Stephen Martinez – 210lbs No Gi
Bruno Rodrigues Albuquerque vs Juarez Harles Martins Nunes – 220lbs Gi
Jesse Taylor vs Herman Terrado – 195lbs No Gi
Rafael A. Dallinha vs Jorge Farfan – 190lbs Gi
Paul Silva vs Jair Silva – 190lbs Gi
Johnny Souza vs Nick Greene – 185lbs Masters Gi Title
Vinicius Lino vs Juan Souza – 185lbs Gi
Miha Perhavec vs Michael Trasso – 180lbs No Gi
Sergio Rios vs Eric Uresk – 180lbs No Gi
Francisco iturralde vs Dom Hoskins – 170lbs Gi
Gabriel Bergami vs Paulo Filho – 165lbs Gi
Ryan Oropallo vs Guilherme Santos – 160lbs Gi
Adam Mazin vs Wilson Reis – 160lbs No Gi
Tim Mendoza vs Antonio Lopez – 145lbs Gi
Sophia Nordeno vs Nikki Sullivan – 140lbs No Gi
Geoff Real vs Chris Dzrod – 140lbs No Gi
Jacob Lee vs Cody Legendre – 135lbs No Gi
Kristian Woodmansee vs Ron Henderson – 125lbs Gi Title

Colored Belts

Adolphus Moore vs Matheus Gomes – 195lbs Brown Belt Gi
Javier Cosio vs Carl Boudro – 195lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Seymour Lewis vs Zimitro Perez – 170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Adam Crcione vs Jason Cook – 150lbs Brown Belt Gi
Matthew Cox vs Ed Johnson – 185lbs Purple Belt No Gi Title
Xavier Silva vs Jacob Kassama – 170lbs Purple Belt Gi Title
Matthew Culver vs Fernando Esteves – 170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Lucas Espinoza vs Anthony Cumerlato – 160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Bryan Deleon Guerrero vs Alvin Ma – 140lbs Purple Belt Gi
Carolina Ramirez vs Amanda Bruse – 125lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Zoey Chiles vs Amaya Ollison – 120lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Sierra Fahn vs Coco Blackwell – Kids Yellow Belt Gi Title
Emily Leyva vs Emme Bringeland – 117lbs Orange Belt Gi
Ames-Michael Hoevker vs Elijah Nunez – 100lbs Orange Belt Gi

For tickets to the live event on 15th February, click here.

Fight 2 Win 136

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