Fight 2 Win 137 Preview And Predictions

Fight 2 Win 137 makes it’s way to Denver, Colorado on March 6th and brings with it a textbook lengthy event featuring elite grapplers on the main card and up-and-coming local talent throughout the prelims. The main event was announced recently as a meeting between two of the sport’s best current competitors on the heavier end of the scale, Roberto Jimenez and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa. This comes after an great equally great matchup for the Welterweight title, Marcio Andre v Michael Liera Jr, and another 8 fights between fantastic black belt competitors.

Roberto Jimenez vs Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

Roberto Jimenez is a fantastic newcomer to the highest levels of BJJ. Despite being incredibly young, Jimenez is no stranger to the big stage as he won the IBJJF World Championships as a Juvenile, Purple belt and Brown belt as he grew up. He quickly proved himself capable of keeping up with the athletes who’ve been at this level for years though as he beat Keenan Cornelius at Flograppling’s Who’s #1? event this year. Just recently, he was also able to defeat Dan Martinez at the ill-fated Substars event. He’s a great talent and he’s capable of hanging with the best already, as the years go on he’ll no doubt prove himself one of the best around

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa is a completely different animal though, not only is he is in the upper echelons of grappling’s elite but he’s an absolutely freakish athletic specimen. Hulk by name, Hulk by nature. His most recent appearance was making it all the way to the final of Kasai Pro 7 and eventually falling short to Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, one of the greatest grapplers of all time. With that in mind, expect Hulk to show Jimenez that no matter how good you are, everyone loses once in a while.

Marcio Andre vs Michael Liera Jr

Marcio Andre is a multiple time IBJJF European Champion and has won the IBJJF World Championships at every colored belt. He’s best known for his versatile Open Guard, one that gave Johnatha Alves huge trouble at The Artista Invitational 2 most recently. This came shortly after Andre’s last appearance at Fight 2 Win where he thoroughly dominated former UFC and WEC World Champion, Benson Henderson. That match took his Fight 2 Win record to 3-1 and with Michael Liera Jr’s Fight 2 Win record being a stunning 5-0 with 3 finishes, he gets the edge there.

The pair have met twice before and have split those matches one apiece, both fights being decided on points. Michael Liera Jr has an equally dangerous Guard game and has worked his De La Riva magic to perfection on several occasions. Given that they both have pretty similar competitive records, this match will be incredibly close. However, it’s worth knowing that Liera Jr is incredibly hard to submit, having only tapped 3 times in over 100 matches and has a reasonably high submission rate at 47%. Andre however has been submitted in just over a third of his losses and has a significantly lower chance of getting the tap, doing so in only 20% of his wins. With that in mind, Liera Jr is far more likely to win via submission here but should the match go the distance, this really is anyone’s to take.

Fight 2 Win 137 Main Card

Roberto Jimenez vs Lucas Barbosa – 195lbs Black Belt Gi
Marcio Andre vs Michael Liera Jr – Welterweight Back Belt Title
Kevin Williams vs Jeff Ake – 195lbs Black Belt Gi
Jake Watson vs Rudson Mateus – 195lbs Black Belt Gi
Noah Thomas vs Marcus Wilson – 160lbs Black Belt No Gi
Thomas Stevenson vs Bruce Bugbee – 200lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Jeremy Hastings vs Alex Le – 180lbs Black Belt Gi
Nikki Sullivan vs Erin Johnson – 140lbs Black Belt Gi
Steele Mccall vs Evan Barrett – 185lbs Black Belt Gi
Bret Hernandez vs YJ Lee – 140lbs Black Belt Gi
Blake Dvorak vs Lucas de oliveira nabuco de Araujo – 160lbs Black Belt Gi

Fight 2 Win 137 Prelims

Jaidyn Mueller vs Brooke Mayo – 155lbs Female Purple Belt No Gi Title
Dwight Killpack vs Grant Guidinger – 200lbs Blue Belt No Gi
Christopher Gabrielson vs Joe Fishburn – 180lbs Brown Belt Gi
James Borders vs Anthony Werner – 145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Cristian Reyes vs Nick Gamez – 185lbs Purple Belt Gi
Ryan Dittman vs Ryan Riebel – 205lbs Purple Belt Gi
Anthony Santiago vs Matt Paul – 220lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Ricky Johnson vs Casey Pratt – 150lbs Brown Belt Gi
Daymar Ortiz vs Robert Parish – 155lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Troy Everett vs Mike Costa – 200lbs Brown Belt Gi
Eric Coe vs James Mikus – 165lbs Brown Belt Gi
Joshua Sauseda vs Eddie Maestas – 175lbs Brown Belt Gi
Trevor Polhamus vs Tyler Hampton – 145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Dan Becker vs Chris Messina – 190lbs No Gi
Dan Dykeman vs Tyler Spurlin – 150lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Chris Diaz vs Joey Mack – 195lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Brandon Ferguson vs Daniel Gonzales – 145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Gordo Pinon vs Drew Nickerson – 165lbs Purple Belt Gi
Tyrell Anderson vs Josiah Thiemann – 185lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Tayler Wiedeman vs Ana Mayordomo Garcia – 120lbs Purple Belt Gi
Walker Madden vs George Ashauer – Super Heavy Weight Purple Belt No Gi
Joey Godinez vs Alec Guevara – 175lbs Blue Belt No Gi
Benjamin Rhoton vs Dale Bonnell – 130lbs Purple Belt Gi
Josh Taylor vs Clay Wimer – 160lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Andrew Nott vs Preston James Charles-Merrill – 200lbs Blue Belt No Gi
Michael Argeroplos vs Dalton Grinstead – 150lbs Purple Belt Gi
Nick Hall vs Michael McCann – 150lbs Purple Belt Gi
Kurt Koski vs Riley Golden – 145lbs Blue Belt No Gi
Stephanie Taylor vs Jade Hernandez – 145lbs Blue Belt No Gi
Aaron Blum vs Amanda Dozier – 135lbs Orange Belt Gi
Aaron Holderman vs Jamil Coleman – 185lbs Purple Belt Gi

For tickets to the live event in Denver, Colorado on March 6th, click here.

Fight 2 Win 137 Denver

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