Fight 2 Win 138 Preview: The Biggest Event Yet

Fight 2 Win 138 is coming up this weekend and so far looks like it’s going to be the best event that the American promotion has ever put together. Fight 2 Win normally has one or two big matchups at the top of the card but they’re really pulling out all of the stops for this event. The event features two phenomenal title matches at the very top as Gianni Grippo takes on Matheus Gabriel and Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira meets Rafael Lovato Jr in his return to BJJ competition.

Further down the card are some truly elite grapplers like 10th Planet posterboy Geo Martinez who faces off against Danaher Death Squad member Ethan Crelinsten, coming straight off an impressive performance at Jitzking Miami. We also get to see the effortlessly brutal Vagner Rocha competing against Michael Perez. There are also appearances by Crelinsten’s teammate Oliver Taza, prolific competitor Jaime Canuto and someone who’s been around since the early days of Fight 2 Win, Brandon Quick.

The card promises action from start to finish with roughly twice as many black belt matches as your average Fight 2 Win event and with the addition of several Judo matches to change things up, alongside a Judo Middleweight Title bout. As usual, the undercard features a number of local fighters and starts with teen matches, moving onto blue and purple belts before the brown belt matches start. Just before the main card then, are three brown belt title matches featuring some exciting talent.

Fight 2 Win 138 Black Belt Matches

Gianni Grippo v Matheus Gabriel – Lightweight Gi Title
Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira v Rafael Lovato Jr. – Light-Heavyweight Gi Title
Vagner Rocha v Michael Perez
Ethan Crelinsten v Geo Martinez
Yago De Souza v Jaime Canuto
Oliver Taza v Servio Tulio
Ryan Reser v Nyamochir Sainjargal – Middleweight Judo Title
Shane Wiggand v Matt Jackson – Judo Match
Quoc Ngo v David Yoshida – Judo Match
Josh Cheavens v Ralph Lahoud – Judo Match
Buddy Roberts v Amanda Perez
Mike Anderson v Brandon Quick
Dom Hoskins v Jody Jones
Teddington v Leonardo Machado
Gerson Atoigue v Jordan Burton III
Michael Foster v Vinicius Garcia
Dustin Ordinario v Joao Somalia
Andre Gomes v Igor Paiva
Willis Nunes v Vinny Saenz
Jus Ordinario v Lucas Pinheiro

Colored Belt Matches

Tyler Murrah v Bobby Alexander – Brown Belt Masters Light-Heavyweight Gi Title
Samuel Nagai v Troy Russell – Brown Belt Welterweight Gi Title
Dan Dykeman v Benjamin Annunziato – Brown Belt Lightweight Gi Title
Mark Francescutti v Michael Torres
Carrye Perkins v Andy Doan
Sean Joseph v Jason Gavenda
Wally Thompson v Jack Garrett
Mccormick v Edward Whisenant
Michael Ortega v Michael Brennan
Brain Harris v Anthony Robinson
Brandon Moore v Mike Woelfle
Joshua Patino v Julian Cohen
Josh Sutton v Kevan O’Malley
Anthony Cronce v Tony Oviedo
Aaron Culpepper v Kyle Short
Pierre Lecierc v Ramiz Brahimaj
Michael Gonzalez v Jason Platto
Micah Valdez v Ricardo Mendez
Noal Villemarette v Abdul Kselwady
Ken Noah Brasher v Joan Cabas
Hamza Alsaad v Alex Leon

For tickets to the live event in Dallas, Texas on March 14th, click here.

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