Fight 2 Win 143 Full Results And Review

Fight 2 Win 143 was yet another solid event coming courtesy of one of the most consistent promotions on the professional grappling scene. The main event seemed like it would be an incredibly close match on paper, due to the fact that Victor Hugo was coming into this after a stellar performance at the IBJJF No Gi World Championships 2019 and Fellipe Andrew had just made a name for himself by becoming only the second man to submit Keenan Cornelius at Black belt while winning the IBJJF Gi European Championships 2020. Unfortunately for Andrew, things definitely did not go as he had planned.

Hugo pulled guard early in the match and seemed to take Andrew by surprise as he transitioned to an Omoplata almost instantly. While Andrew did manage to escape relatively quickly, he left himself open for another submission attempt as Hugo went for a flying triangle and used the position to try and finish the Armbar instead. He had it in deep and it took everything Andrew had to avoid tapping, but it wasn’t long before Hugo switched back to the Triangle Choke and secured the finish. All told, the entire fight took less than two minutes and Andrew was never really in it, forced into having to defend submission attempts pretty much from start to finish.

Fight 2 Win 143 Champions Victor Hugo Nathiely Karoline

Fight 2 Win 143 Full Results

Victor Hugo defeats Fellipe Andrew via Submission (Triangle Choke). (SOTN)
Victor Hugo Becomes The Super Heavy Weight Champion
Nathiely Karoline defeats Ana Carolina Vieira via Split Decision.
Nathiely Karoline Retains The Welter Weight Championship
Elisabeth Clay defeats Kendall Marie Reusing via Split Decision.
Andre Gomes defeats Mike Anderson via Submission (Armbar).
Erick Raposo defeats Danilo Moreira via Decision.
Carlos Souza defeat Vinicius Carvalho Garcia via Split Decision.
Diego Santana Do Espírito Santo defeats Hugo Mayer Lima via Submission (Toe Hold).
Vinny Saenz defeats Estevan Martinez via Decision.
Alejandro Siqueira defeats Jay Shellhammer via Decision.

Brown Belt Matches

Kyle Short defeats Ben Kroskey via Submission (Heel Hook).
Jarrod Trotter defeats Albert Tapia via Decision.
Italo Lima Costa defeats Lucas Norat via Decision.
Dustin Shelhamer defeats Noel Morgan via Decision.
Frank Cespedes defeats Brayan Alvarado via Decision.
Jennifer Rivera defeats Karla Shellhammer via Submission (Armbar).

Purple Belt Matches

Matt Cox defeats Tarean Byars via Decision.
Matt Cox Retains The Middleweight Purple Belt No Gi Championship.
David Weintraub defeats Jacob Scott via Submission (Heel Hook).
Emily Fernandez defeats Brianne Robertson via Split Decision. (FOTN)
Leticia Cardoza de Carvalho Defeats Catherine Arnold via Decision.
Anthony Robinson defeats Colby Capps via Submission (Rear Naked Choke).
Wesley Arnold defeats Adam Cruz via Submission (Choke).

Kids Matches

Michael Brennan defeats Michael Francis via Decision.
Helena Crevar defeats Michelle Terrelonge via Submission (Choke).

The full event was streamed live on Flograppling and to watch the replay, click here.

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