Fight 2 Win 146 – Preview

Fight 2 Win is back with their 146th event live from Austin, TX. This time they’ll be out of Dallas for the first time since F2W 138. Austin, TX can expect a bang from this event, as it features some of the most explosive math ups we’ve ever seen. We will preview Fight 2 Win 146, the best match ups, underdogs and fights to look out for.

Fight 2 Win return

F2W 146 – Main event

The main event of the night is Edwin Najmi vs Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho. That alone should tell you that this fight is going to be fireworks! Najmi has been featured in our previews before, but to quickly summarize, he is a sniper-like BJJ player. He lures you into taking a shot or allowing him double collar grips, and makes you pay for it.

Look out for his flying triangle from double collar when standing . He’s caught some amazing athletes with this, including Nicholas Meregali. From defending the single leg, he’ll throw in D’arces from everywhere. So, if you think your opportunity is in playing top, he’ll also throw triangles from off-balances and sweep recoveries, especially from spider guard.

Quiexinho is a gamer as well, and one the most active competitors on the F2W circuit. He’s coming off a loss in No Gi against Garry Tonon, but he is much more dangerous in th Gi. This guy will throw in flying omoplatas from standing, as we saw on F2W 140 against AJ Agazam, and has a very agressive open guard/DLR game from bottom.

Co-main Event

The second featured bout of the night is the return of Caio Terra against Gabe Tuttle, from 10th Planet. It will be a pretty high jump in competition for Gabriel, who will have his plate full against 10-time No Gi world champion Terra. We’ll have to wait and see what type of gameplan he implements to try and beat the legend. From the matches I could gather, Gabe plays a guard-oriented game focused on getting inside position and attacking heel-hooks or the back when the opponent turns to defend them.

Caio is as dangerous player. He is both crafty and precise, and a handful to anyone who fights him. Caio is a guard puller himself, so it’ll be interesting to see if he accepts the pull from Tuttle or goes for the double pull instead. Playing the inside position game against Caio is a challenge in on itself, as his trademark footlock is setup from there. Expect a very dynamic game from Caio pushing the action. We’ll see what Fight 2 Win 146 brings for these two athletes!

F2W 146 Barn-burner

Everyone who’s been following some of the breakdowns in this site knows that John Combs and Andrew Wiltse are a recipe for instant fireworks. Combs is a savage of a human being. He consistently pushed the action attacking single legs, snap downs and guillotines. He plays both top and bottom, but will definitely scrap on the feet. Wiltse needs to tuck his neck for this one, as once Combs snatches a guillotine, its hard to pull out.

Andrew Wiltse is just like Combs in that he like pushing the pace in his matches. He’ll exchange on the feet or pull guard indifferently, which makes him a challenge to prepare for. His last match was a back and forth war with Isaiah Wright, which he won via RNC. He uses a lot of side to side movement to create opportunities to pass or attack the back, so Combs is for sure thinking of staying on top if possible. Look out for this one!

Full fight card

You can check out the full Fight 2 Win 146 card below! You can also enter this link if you want tickets of information about the event.

Black Belts – F2W 146

Main Event – 165lbs Black Belt Gi: Edwin Nami vs Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

Co-main Event – 135lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Caio Terra vs Gabe Tuttle

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi: John Combs vs Andrew Wiltse

135lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Edwin “Junny” Ocasio vs Justin Ordinario

175lbs Black Belt Gi: Marcus Douthitt vs Christopher Hargett

185lbs Black Belt Gi: Carlos Souza vs Joel Adan

145lbs Black Belt Gi: Mark Farrell vs Javier Gomez

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Alan Sanchez vs Ralph Sebexen

230lbs Black Belt Gi: Frisco Deleon vs Renato Tagliari

173lbs Black Belt Gi: Eric Board vs Stephen Hargett

153lbs Black Belt Gi: Silvio Duran vs Danilo Moreira

Brown Belts – F2W 146

185lbs Brown Belt Gi Title: Xavier Silva vs Clay Mayield

185lbs Brown Belt Gi: Zack Edwards vs Leonardo Ferreira Junior

175lbs Brown Belt Gi: Zack Cothren vs Fernando Koupparis

145lbs No-Gi: David Weintraub vs Julian Godinez

120lbs No-Gi: Lauren Sears vs Julia Balmante

165lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Caleb Isaacks vs Adolfo Suarez

195lbs Brown Belt Gi: Nicholas Spacek vs Italo Lima

185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Matt Cox vs Justin Renick

Orange Belts – F2W 146

95lbs Orange Belt Gi: Jackson Glass vs Nate Suarez

85lbs Orange Belt Gi: Alessio Farrell vs Zane Mangan

115lbs Orang Belt Gi: Refugio Salgado vs Phillip Brown

Purple Belts – F2W 146

Purple Belt Featherweight No-Gi Title: Jaidyn Mueller vs Emily Fernandez

185lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Jorge Valladares vs Micah Valdez

145lbs No-Gi: Adam Fujawa vs Joey Miranda

135lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Chase Sosa vs Matheus Azancot

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Alejandro Wajner vs Matt Kopra

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Kemoy Anderson vs Alex Asad

150lbs Purple Belt Gi: Felipe Ferreira vs Marcos Mendes

215lbs Purple Belt Gi: Jimi Newsome vs Ramiro Leon

155lbs Blue Belt No-Gi: Colt Lewis vs Freddy Marquez

125lbs Blue Belt No-Gi: Tiffany Butler vs Laci Douthitt

Blue Belts – F2W 146

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi: Jacob Bornemann vs Kory Ramos

145lbs Blue Belt No-Gi: Connor Ogle vs Marco Mendes

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