Fight To Win 181 Results and Highlights: Gabriel Sousa beats Lucas Pinheiro in Fun Match

Fight To Win 181 took place on Saturday, August 14, in Sacramento, CA. In the main event, ZR Team’s Gabriel Sousa extended his current Fight To Win win streak to three with a decision over Atos’ Lucas Pinheiro. And lower on the card, Fellipe Andrew continued his impressive 2021 run with a dominant decision win over Max Gimenis.

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The main event was a close but entertaining match that saw Sousa continually attacking from his back while Pinheiro attempted pass the guard. Sousa pulled guard early and often, largely working from open guard and de la riva guard, before finding himself locked into the 50/50 position for the middle part of the match. Neither man was able to score any close submission attempts from the 50/50 before they separated. With less than two minutes remaining, Sousa once again pulled guard, but this time, he pulled right into a deep kneebar attempt. Pinheiro escaped the kneebar but would ultimately lose the decision.

Elsewhere on the card, 2021 American Nationals weight and absolute champion Fellipe Andrew was able to overcome a significant size disadvantage to win a decision over heavyweight Max Gimenis. After an early guard pull from Andrew and some jockeying for position on the mat, Andrew was able to sweep Gimenis and solidify side control about midway through the match. From there, Andrew quickly moved to mount and held that position for nearly two full minutes before rolling to Gimenis’ back, earning a clear-cut decision win.

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