Float Like A Jedi, Learn The Skywalker Pass

The above video is a lengthy demonstration of The Skywalker Pass, which comes to us courtesy of the genius mind of Greg Wood, a BJJ black belt under Pedro Sauer and regular instructor at BJJ Globetrotters camps. He goes into detail to explain how he first came up with the pass, from the traditional starting position of both grapplers being on their knees, but also explains that we now know better than to waste time knee-wrestling. Using that starting position to practice the motion of this sweep is incredibly useful however and is a great place to start learning this from.

From there, Wood goes on to explain that the pass can be set up when your opponent is in Butterfly Guard by baiting them into moving towards you and opening up the space between their arms and hips momentarily. This is what gives you the opportunity to slide into this beautiful pass that, when pulled off correctly, looks almost effortless and should end with you comfortably in knee on belly.

He then shows another setup for the pass, this time coming from your own guard when an opponent postures up strongly, giving you the space to perform a technical get-up and then, switch to The Skywalker Pass roughly halfway through the technical get-up. After this, Wood then goes on to open up for a lengthy Q and A portion for the attendees of the camp which might be helpful in answering some of your questions too.

Greg Wood trains and teaches out of Plainville Martial Arts, click here for more information.

Greg Wood The Skywalker Pass

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