Frankie Edgar Gives His Thoughts On BJ Penn

Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn used to be rivals vying for the right to be crowned UFC Lightweight Champion but in a recent appearance Edgar made on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), he revealed not only that the two are now friends, but also gave his thoughts on BJ Penn’s career and recent troubles.

“BJ’s a good dude man, we get along really well.” Edgar said about his relationship with Penn. This might come as a surprise to fans who remember their first two five-round fights all the way back in 2010 that not only cost BJ Penn his Lightweight title but also took him out of title contention in the rematch. This was before their third and final fight four years later, that Edgar again won but this time via third-round knockout.

“Is he done fighting, or what is he gonna do?” Rogan asked of Frankie Edgar after he revealed how close him and Penn are. “Uh, I dunno, I think he wants to fight. I don’t think Dana wants him to fight but…” was Edgar’s answer, indicating that Penn isn’t done yet despite going on an unprecedented seven fight losing streak and not having won a fight since November 2010, almost a decade ago.

The pair also discussed BJ Penn’s now infamous bar brawl footage, to which Frankie Edgar said “You’re getting mad at a fighter for fighting? Come on, is it that surprising?” while Rogan later added “A fighter, fighting? It’s like a basketball player having a pick-up game!”

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Alex Lindsey

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